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Van Gogh Failure Essay

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Van Gogh failure

In the realm of art there have been numerous accounts of infamous artists who have stood out in their art period, such as Goya, Monet and Picasso. One artist who stood out during his art period was Vincent van Gogh, not only for his artwork but also because of his tragic life. Vincent van Gogh is now a world-renowned painter who was born on March 30th, 1853. He was born in Groot Zundert in North Brabant and was the son of Theodorus van Gogh. His art is considered to be part of the expressionism era and his most famous art works include Starry Night, Sun Flowers and The Mulberry Tree. But though he has had much love, admiration and popularity after his death, van Gogh could be considered a failure during his life, for he could not have any type of stable relationship with anyone. He failed to get along with other people including other artists, failed to have a stable relationship with his family and also failed in having any type of successful love relationships.

Although an artist should be able to be at peace with his/her surroundings, van Gogh could never blend in with society nor could he get along with other artists. As a young man, his peers did not accept Vincent: “in the class of Mr. Bokma he certainly was the most advanced, but he does not feel at home at the school, he is ‘like a fish out of water’ he says, and is ridiculed for is peculiarities in dress and manners.” (48). Van Gogh was uncomfortable in his surroundings at Brussel, a school for teaching religion, and was mocked by his classmates because his attire was disagreeable to their taste. As he matured as a man, he still was unable to get along with other people: “Acquaintances, and relatives are shocked to see him walk about with such a slovenly woman; nobody cares to associate with him any longer and his home life is such that nobody come to visit him.” (56) Many people disagreed or disliked the fact that he was involved with a woman, who was “such a slovenly woman”, and so they never cared to visit Vincent anymore or have any association with him any longer. Even as an artist, van Gogh could not even get along with other artists let alone society as a whole: “ Vincent and I simply cannot live together in peace, in consequence of incompatibility of temper, and he as well as I, we need quiet for our work.”(73). This quote was from a letter from Gauguin who lived with Vincent for some time in Arles. He stayed with Vincent for a while so that they would inspire each other in their art works, but it turned out that they irritated each other more than inspired each other. Gauguin expressed that they simply could not live together in peace, and expressed his need to distance himself from Vincent. It is clear that Vincent simply could not blend into society nor could he get along with other artists.

Though one may think that even though society could not accept van Gogh surely his family would be able to bear him, but this was not the...

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