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Vanishing Car Fatalities: Reducing Distractions Essay

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a car fatality occurs on average every 16 minutes and an injury every 14 seconds, and over two million people involved in car accidents suffer permanent injuries (“Do We Tolerate” 36). In life there are many obstacles that human beings go through. One of these obstacles is driving safely on the road. Everyone driving on the road, faces the risk of being involved in a car accident. Many of these tragic car accidents are continuing to occur all over the U.S. throughout the years. Car fatalities are becoming a challenging problem that must be addressed to eliminate car crashes; in order to reduce driving distractions, new solutions need to be implemented by regulators and car firms.

Car crashes are becoming an increasing problem as the year’s progress. When cars were first introduced back in the early 20th century, automobiles were only available for the rich and famous ("Motoring Milestones” 12). Now in the 21st century, cars are being manufactured to the public at increasing numbers. Car firms are now allowing millions of people to constantly spend more miles on the road than years ago. However, as car firms continue to manufacture cars in the masses, it is important to be aware that the number of car fatalities are at a high number of 33,561 fatalities a year (“Do We Tolerate” 40). Once someone is inside a car, they must be aware of the dangers that can occur on the road. The reasons that the number of car fatalities are still not decreasing at a faster speed is because of the main problem that many people on the road suffer with. The problem is distracted drivers who are not paying attention to the primary tasks of driving a vehicle, which requires all focus in order to respond in an unpredictable situation. Distractions can come from any form of electronic devices, such as cell phones, or distractions such as eating or interacting with passengers in the car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these distractions are labeled either as Visual distraction, Manual distraction, or Cognitive distraction (Kiesbye 43). Visual distraction occurs when drivers are looking away from the road such as reading a text message. While, manual distraction is when the driver takes a hand off the steering wheel to use a device such as using their right hand to text while driving. Cognitive distraction occurs when the driver is not mentally focusing on the road and is instead daydreaming. Distracted drivers are a large part of why car accidents are still occurring at high numbers throughout the U.S. today (Kiesbye 43). Another reason why car fatalities are so high is because there are many reckless drivers that violate traffic laws without ever getting caught. Some of these criminals even commit hit and runs and are never caught by law enforcement. The roads are filled with many danger and this has caused a large problem for many people who were either permanently...

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