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Vanity Fair (Bbc Series) Essay: How Does The Series Convey A View Of The Monstrosities Of Family Life?

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How does the series convey a view of the monstrosities of family life?The series conveys a view of the monstrosities of family life in several different ways. The series adopts a rather negative towards the monstrosities of family life, where it mainly focuses on their reactions towards death, their treatment and mistreatment of others and the way they love their family only as much as they can use them, which ties in with the idea of the importance of money and status within a family. This is emphasized through the extensive use of characterisation, dialogue and juxtaposition.There are many examples of monstrosities of family life displayed in Vanity Fair. The first example is the characters reactions towards death (or lack of reaction in some cases). This type of monstrosity is especially prominent in the scene of the death of Miss Crawley. There is a minor priority placed on Miss Crawley's death. The lack of emotion displayed by both Becky and Rawdon, and Pitt and Jane at the news of Miss Crawley's death emphasizes the idea of monstrosities of family life through their lack of sadness and grief. Rather than grieve or mourn for Miss Crawley, Rawdon, Miss Crawley's son, places greater importance on the fact that he only inherited 100 pounds, and how unfair it was that Miss Crawley left her entire inheritance to Rawdon's brother, Pitt. This links in with the idea that money can be classified as more important that simply the love within a family, which in turn, further emphasizes the monstrosities of family life. This is all portrayed through the clever use of the character Rawdon, and the word choice/use of dialogue in this particular scene. Her other son, Pitt also dismisses her death rather easily, as he is more interested in his inheritance of Queen's Crawley. Now that he has the money, he no longer needs his mother, thus displaying a lack of emotion towards Miss Crawley's death. This is all juxtaposed by the genuine grieving of the character Briggs, Miss Crawley's assistant/maid. The contrast of the genuine distress displayed by Ms Briggs, someone not even remotely related to Miss Crawley with the lack of emotion by Miss Crawley's immediate family, highlights the sadness of the monstrosities of family life by providing an example of how pathetic and unappreciative family members can be towards one another.The atrocity in the treatment towards others within a family also underlines the sadness of the monstrosities of family life. A good example of this is Becky's treatment towards her son, Rawdon. Becky constantly yells and scolds him when he has done nothing wrong, and she seems to have no affection for him whatsoever. Becky neglects the role of a mother, which is juxtaposed by the character of Rawdon, Becky's husband and father of little Rawdon. Rawdon takes on the role of Becky, always nursing and attending to little Rawdon when he is needed. (Role reversal) "Rawdy, that's what nurse maids are...

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