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Vannunu's Journey, From Being Convicted Of Treason To Becoming A Free Man.

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A letter from a protester Danny Hakim in Israel to Vanunu during his time in prison.Danny Hakim133 Sachem StAshkelonIsrael5.06.02Morechai VanunuShimaka PrisonIsraelDear Mr. Mordechai Vanunu,I am writing in concern to the nuclear weapons SECRETS you let out to the 'Sunday Times' in London 1986.The state secrets you let out to the 'Sunday times' in 1986 after signing a contract with state Israeli authorities demonstrates you courage. I do admire you courage, but why did you use your courage on revealing state secrets, you signed a contract that you would divulge these secrets. They were SECRETS. Secrets can be defined as to keep a matter way from general knowledge or view hidden from all or all but a few, unrevealed, confidential. Keeping a matter to himself, refusing to reveal it anyone.Nuclear weapons programs, protect and defend Israel. Israel is a modern State which can use propaganda to hide the truth. The real question then is, what these weapons are here to protect. They are hear to protect us Mordechai, Israeli citizens from invasion. We should respect the fact that the government is taking concern about the country and its citizens protection.These nuclear weapons were State secrets that were no to be revealed to the world. They were there for us as Isreali citizens own protection form invasion.Evidently the government's concern, was for maintaining a military defence for the security of its own citizens. Nuclear weapons are taking place to ensure their security.Mordechai you have also stressed that once you leave prison in Israel that you want to move to the United States. Why is this? It is ironic that you want to go to the United States, which is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons.If we look back to...

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