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Vapor Shark is one of south Florida’s leading electronic-cigarette retailers. It sells products related exclusively to “vaping” both online and traditionally. Vaping is the inhaling of a flavored liquid that is heated through a batter powered device as an alternative to traditional smoking. Brothers, Scott and Brandon Leidel, founded Vapor Shark in 2010. The idea of an online or brick-and- mortar retailer that offers products related exclusively to electronic (or “e”) cigarettes was relatively untapped, four years ago. Now it is one of the fast growing industries in the country. Bloomberg Industries projects total e-cigarette sales could reach $1.5 billion this year. (McArdle)
The mixture called “e-juice” or “e-liquid” that includes liquid nicotine, through a device that heats it until it becomes a vapor. Though not listed a carcinogen nicotine is toxic and causes an increase blood pressure and heart rate among other health issues (CDC). So please be careful and use at your own risk. Unlike traditional tobacco products, the amount of nicotine that is consumed is customizable. This product can revolutionize the way that the world views tobacco and any product that involves inhaling smoke. First marketed in 2003, vaping/e-cigarettes are now one of the fast growing industries in the country, with 300 brands in the U.S. and approximately 4 million users, half of them women. (Yerebakan)
Vapor Shark’s mission is to “[transform] the smoking scene into one that is generally better, safer, less expensive, and significantly more pleasant for smokers and non-smokers...” (Vapor Shark). Brandon Leidel also struggles with a smoking addiction. He quit a few days before he was introduced to e-cigarettes at a mall kiosk in 2010, for health reasons. Leidel quickly realized the simplicity in switching from a traditional tobacco to a healthier alternative that does not involve smoke. The brothers began their business online by buying and selling vaping accessories. Now Vapor Shark offers three types of e-cigarettes to cater to their customers’ preferences. The Minnow, Glass, and Fusion BDC each offer consumers a different experiences and components from compact to cutting edge.
The first physical location opened in 2012 in Miami. (Entreprenuer). Now boasting 6 locations, Vapor Shark is growing rapidly. It began franchising this year with start-up costs ranging from $87,000 to $150,000. Locations have an open, modern floor plan with glass display cases highlighting the signature products like: “the Glass”, brightly colored accessories, and vapor flavors. There is seating available for patrons to sample any option before purchasing. Six new locations that will open by June (Vapor Shark). Each location employs about 4-8 people. All locations are currently in Miami and surrounding areas with the exception of one in New Jersey.
The e-cigarette industry is rapidly developing and Vapor Shark could benefit from expanding internationally within the coming years. The...

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