Differences In Cultures Essay

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Differences in Cultures

Cultures are a complicated characteristic to understand. Living in the United States all of my life I never truly understood other cultures. When I would see people from other cultures come into my work or see them at school I thought they were bizarre. Last summer I went overseas to England, Ireland, and Wales. There I observed that the customs overseas are very different. One facet I noticed was their alcohol consumption. In the United States the law says you have to be twenty one or older to consume alcohol. In Europe the legal drinking age is suppose to be eighteen, but I found that as long as you have money and can see over the bar you are able to purchase alcohol. I assumed that since they are able to drink sooner, they would have more alcoholics then the United States, but this is not the case. Under serious thought I came to the conclusion that since it is their culture to be able to drink at younger ages they learn to not abuse it. After visiting Europe and seeing the differences between our cultures and theirs, I decided I wanted to learn more about other cultures. I wanted to see people from other cultures and be able to relate to them rather then shy away. This course has taught me about other cultures by showing me our differences and similarities. One of the cultural differences I find the most interesting is marriage.

In the United States, the most common type of marriage is monogamy. I was taught that monogamy was the only true marriage and that marriage was done out of the love two people have for each other. In taking this course, I found out that marriage is different in many cultures. Other types of marriages I have been educated in are: Polygamy, Levirate, Sororate, Women marrying Women, and Women marrying Ghost. I have learned some...

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