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Its the summer of 2011 in the middle of October in Alabama. I’m with my friends at a park just sitting on a bench eating lunch. Cristy my friend is talking about some haunted library downtown that if you stay the night some little girl will come try to kill you. Christy says she wants to go. I say no way we’re going there, way too scary! Christy says come on you baby let’s go this Saturday night to see if its really haunted. Fine I say.. Finally it’s Saturday evening, Christy is over planning what to bring on the trip tonight. We are bringing flashlights and some snacks and sleeping bags. We are leaving the house to go to the haunted library, finally we arrive and it looks like it’s been here for 100 years says Christy. We head inside, it smells like mold, the walls are peeling down, and its pitch black inside. We set our stuff down and layed on our sleeping bags with the flashlights waiting for something to ...view middle of the document...

I looked at Christy and said I’m going to go check it out. I headed over to her and sat down next to her, what's wrong i asked? She continued to cry, i put my hand on her shoulder and asked again, she Immediately stopped crying and turned to me and screamed don't hurt me! I looked at her confused, I'm not going to hurt you i promise! What is your name? Esther she said, hi Esther im Hannah I said. Why are you crying? Because i can't find my sister, she died and its all my fault! Esther, your sister is alive i said. She looked at me confused, what? where is she? she said. I dont know, but all i know is she is alive. I need to talk to her! please let me see her she yelled! I dont know where she is I said but I’ll find her! Me and Christy went to our phones and looked up everything we knew about the fire and tried to find her sister, we found out her name is Barbra Hoffin, I had an idea and searched her on white pages and found a result. She lives 2 miles away from here said Christy, we found a phone number and called her, she couldn't believe what we had just said, she said that she will be there as soon as she can! finally she arrived, she looked to be in her 90’s. Where is she? she said. Over there, and pointed to where she was. Esther? said Barbara, Esther turned around and her face lit up, they hugged each other and started to talk. I thought you died said Esther, i got out alive with just a few burns. How come you haven't passed on yet? said Barbara, i butted in and said, sometimes spirits can't pass on because they have unfinished business. I had to tell you i loved you and that it isn't your fault said Esther. Barbara looked at her and said i know Esther but you need to pass on where you can finally be at peace… But i dont want to go, i'm scared! said Esther. Dont be, ill be right here, said Barbara. Esther nodded and closed her eyes, I see it! the light its over there! its so beautiful! said Esther. Go said Barbara you will be okay i promise. Esther walked over to the light, looked at us and smiled and disappeared. Everythings going to be okay i said, to Barbra. I know...i'm just going to miss her. We all headed home, i felt so good that i helped Esther pass on i know she will be happy again.

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