Variations To Resting Heart Rate Based On Age

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Have you ever checked your pulse before? You can check your pulse on you wrist or on your neck. Your heart is like a mega pump because it is shaped like an upside down pear, and is one of the most important organs in your body. When a person rests, the heart rate slows down, but when they are exercising the heart rate increases. For my hypothesis, I predicted that aged people would have a lower resting heart rate than the youthful people would.
The heart is an interesting and important organ. It may seem weird, but the heart is not red. It is almost the color of a colonial brick house. Like all other pumps, your heart can become clogged too. The heart is actually a strong muscle in your ...view middle of the document...

For my science experiment, I was checking people’s pulses, resting heart rate. I logged people at different levels doing different activities. I measured heart rates while people rested, moderately moved, and did strenuous exercise the gym in the middle of their workout. I also included people of various ages. The lowest heart rate I got was a 40 year old and her heart was seventy two beats per minute.
A person’s pulse can be checked at the wrist or at the neck. I checked most peoples’ pulse at their wrist because touching their neck would be too personal. Male and females’ hearts are different. A women’s heart can be lower than a man’s heart. To save time, I measured the person’s heart rate for 15 seconds then I multiplied it by four to tell me about how many beats per minute the heart was beating.
My hypothesis is “When a person exercises, heart rate increases.” From the data I collected my hypothesis is true. People’s heart rates are higher when they exercise versus when they are resting. When a person’s level of activity is higher their heart rate is higher.
There are other factors that affect a person’s heart rate other than activity. The heart rate gets older as you as you age. Through my investigation I discovered an eleven year old heart rate was ninety-six beats per minute while she was watching the television, while a forty-three year old adult was doing the same...

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