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Diversity is about the recognition and valuing of difference in its broadest sense. It is about creating a working culture and practices that recognise, respect, value and harness difference for the benefit of the organisation and the individual (DH, 2003). This essay looks in particular the education and training of staff on diversity issues including the native British culture for overseas staff. It will identify practices and how it is being implemented in the form of training. It also looks at the cultural awareness of both locally and overseas trained nurses as well as the expectation of British nurses to overseas trained nurses. The education and training of staff on diversity issues will be explored throughout the essay and brought together towards the conclusion.

Papadopoulos, et al. (1998) suggested that the training programmes for diversity should begin on the exploration of staff’s own cultural values, belief and practices including their own prejudices (Papadopoulos, et al., 1998). This suggestion was incorporated by the Department of health’s equalities and diversity paper and made it as one of the guiding principles that underpins the development of staff’s competence on diversity issues encompassing cultural awareness, knowledge and sensitivity (DH, 2003). The National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare organisations applied this principle on their diversity training with the aim to recognise cultural differences and individual’s beliefs and practices (Humphries, 2003). In the profession of caring Allen (2010) believes that in times of illness and when feeling vulnerable and confused, there is a tendency for patients to cling to their familiar surroundings, objects and rituals for comfort. By simply being aware, the nurse becomes more sensitive and more open to the emotional and cultural needs of patients, therefore gaining their trust and cooperation (Allen, 2010). Generally, according to Hunt (2010), in a culturally diverse workforce, diversity education and training is important as it can provide individuals the opportunity to create an atmosphere in which people can work together who are fundamentally different successfully. It can also create an environment of respect and anticipation of eliminating past prejudices and stereotypes while opening up avenues of spiritual enlightenment (Hunt, 2010). Diversity education and training is also an essential tool for organisations because it provides their staff with the skills needed to step-out of their comfort zones (Bednarz et. al, 2010). Furthermore, Bennett and Keating (2009) added that diversity training and education is equally important for nurses in giving nursing care for patients with diverse backgrounds. This will give nurses flexibility to cater to their needs in ensuring that the patients were able to get the medical attention they require and to encourage them seeking medical treatment in the future (Bennett and Keating, 2009). According to Bhopal (2009), one...

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