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Various Cardio Exercises Essay

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trong, toned hips and abdominals are desired by many, but do require some work to achieve, especially if you're female and tend to store fat in your lower body. In addition to a healthy diet, cardio and strength training can help reduce excess fat, and the latter can also add definition to your problem areas. All that's needed is a commitment on your part.
Cardio and Strength Training
No matter how many exercises you do to strengthen your abdominals and the muscles surrounding hips, if you have excess body fat, you'll never see any definition, because your muscles will be hidden under the fat. The American Heart Association suggests losing weight by doing 30 to 60 minutes of cardio on most days of the week and strength training on two days. Cardio can include jogging, bicycling or swimming, while strength training should target your large muscle groups. Combined with a reduced-calorie diet, this can result in a daily deficit of 500 calories and weight loss of 1 pound a week. (See References 1)
Core-Strengthening Exercises
In addition to adding muscle tone, strengthening the muscles that stabilize your midsection can also improve your posture, prevent injuries, ease daily activities, and enhance the effectiveness of abdominal exercises. (See References 3) Exercises can include the floor bridge, during which you're face up on the floor with your knees bend. You then thrust your pelvis up, aligning your body from your knees to your shoulders, and slowly lower you hips back down. Front and side planks during which you hold your body straight as a plank while either facing the floor or on one side, also engage your core muscles including your abs and hips. (See References 2, 3, and 4)
Crunches Varieties
Abdominal exercise that work your abs through different planes of motion can effective tone your tummy. These exercises are often done face up on the floor and require you to crunch your ribcage toward you pelvis or your pelvis toward your...

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