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Different Types Of Harassment In The Work Force And At School

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Harassment has been an issue in the work force and in many other fields for decades, leading all the way back up to 1964. The United States Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting discrimination at work on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin and sex. There are many different types of harassment that many do not even know that they can be accused for. Through out my research I will be naming every type of harassment and presenting an article for each topic.
One form of harassment that is very common at a young age is bullying. Bullying is occurred manly at school, on the playground but it is also seen in the workforce. To many people bullying is the cause to harassment in the future. By not stopping and putting an end to bullying when people are young may lead to worse things in the future.
Physiological harassment is a common type of harassment. This is usually best described as when you bring down ones self esteem. You will not find many accusations on the type of harassment, due to the fact that many people do not even know that they can actually accuse someone for this.
Racial harassment is probably the second most commonly known harassment. There is racial harassment every single day in this world.

The most commonly known harassment is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment occurs every single day in this world. Whether it is at school, work or even at home, it is happening every day. What I will be mostly researching today is sexual harassment in the work place and how it affects one another. Many people don’t even know what the true meaning of sexual harassment is. Sexual harassment is anything that revolves around gender discrimination. If you are at a work place and some one from another gender makes you feel uncomfortable in any way that qualifies as harassment. Let’s say that you as a female are working behind the front desk as a sectary and your boss being a male comes behind you to ask a few questions. As he is talking to you, he decides to start giving you a friendly message. To him he thinks nothing of it since you are working buddies and you have been working there for 4 years and you have meet his whole family. But to you, you feel really uncomfortable and you feel that he is just trying to get a cheap feel. That is sexual harassment and in that case you should take it with your HR department and let them know the situation. If not, you can take the nice route and let him know that you do not feel comfortable every time he puts his hands on you and you would appreciate it if he would stop doing such gestures. Many women do not know that they can act upon any discomfort feeling that they come across and just tend to deal with it. Usually when...

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