Various Important Parts Of History Essay

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Various Important Parts of History

Baron de Montesquieu- A Frenchnoble author who published and wrote The Spirit of the Laws. He was the man who led most of the beliefs that were later transformed into the Constitution. He helped start checks and balances. 1689-1755

Francois Voltaire- The French author known for such works as Candide and many other novels. He is the only philisoph to succesfully make the enlightenment popular among the masses. He was imprisoned twice and expelled from France multiple times for his antimonarchist views. 1694- 1778

Denis Diderot- Like Voltaire, a French author who helped lead the enlightenment. He wrote many plays, books, and poetry. He is most well known for having written the first encyclopedia. 1713-1784

Adam Smith- The author of The Wealth of Nations, Smith was a pioneer of capitalism and encouraged free market and trade. He also heavily supported mercantillism. He helped spark economic growth in England and acrossed Europe. 1723-1790

Wolfgang Mozart- An Austrian composer who wrote music for the monarchs of the time.Although deaf, he is known as one of the greatest composers of all time. However, he died as a poor man leaving no money to his name. 1756- 1791

King George III- An English monarch who helped lead the way to American revolution in the new land. He gave the colonists few rights and imposed many taxes and tariffs. When he died he left the heir to one to carry on his ways. 1738- 1820

Ben Franklin- An American writer, politician, inventer, and scientist. He helped prove that there is electricity in lightening. He also helped draft the declaration of independence. He also served as an ambassador to France. 1706-1790

The Declaration of Independence- The document created by Thomas Jefferson and signed by delegates from the 13 colonies. It delared the Americas seperation from Great Britain sparking the revolutionary war. 1776

The Constitution of The United States of America- The document created after the Revolutionary war that allowed all americans to have many rights that apply today. It set the laws for the country that would be are still followed. The Bill of Rights was later added to give states and people more rights. 1789

The Ancient regime- The ruling monarchy of France before the revolution of 1789. The three regents and five generations casted a new light on the old society. Its' end showed great change to come in the future. 1600-1789

Abbe de Sieyes- A French clergyman who helped with the French Revolution. He was on the court and helped elect Napolean and led to the killing of the king. He was later elected to the estates-general. He also helped write the rights of man and the constitution of 1791. He lived through the reign of terror after taking refuge in Brussels. 1748-1836

The Tennis Court Oath- An oath taken by the third estate and some of the first estate saying that they would reamin on the tennis courts at Versailles until they were...

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