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Different Types Of Power, Essay

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Power is a relationship between people; to clarify A won’t do what B wants unless B has power. Power is to achieve goals against other people will. Power is the ability or potential to influence outcomes in order to achieve an objective. Different types of power are usually blended together in order to achieve the required outcome.
First type of power is Force; Force is the exercise of power by physical means. Force can include Physical violence and acts of physical obstruction. “For example restraining, assaulting, raping, assassinating, impeding access to objects. It also can include physical sabotage of resources and conducting war. Or it can be carried out in the form of embargoes and boycotts or revolutions and riots.”(Shively, 45) There are many examples of violent use of force like, invasion of Iraq, terrorists’ attacks or the Conflict in the DRC, which forced children in militia. But force doesn’t always have to be violent, peaceful protesting is not violent, Or Martin Luther king perusing black rights or Cesar Chaves. Many examples proofed that force can be non-violent and the non-violent use of force is the most effective way to use force. Force can be used in creative ways to achieve the required out come. A recent example is people complaining from Internet service so they decided to pay their bills in form of coins, no violence was used just a creative way of using force. This type of non-violent force is effective if done by small groups because it is inexpensive compared with other types of power.
Second type is Persuasion; it’s a non-physical type of power in which the agent using this power makes his intensions and desires known to the agent over whom power is exercised that is altered from his preferred course. Persuasion is a major part of politics. Writing letters, speech making, debating, lobbying, laws and executive orders are examples of persuasion.
Manipulation is also a non-physical type of power in which the agent exercising the power conceals the aims and intentions motivating the exercise of power. The agent over whom the power is exercised can’t feel he is being manipulated. A famous example is Richard Nixon’s administration. President Nixon was convinced that public opinion polls affected public attitudes of both voters and rival politicians. So the white house staff devised a way to manage the results that will be published by the major polling firms. This plan could only work if the people are unaware; in that example the Whitehouse staff manipulated the people.
Exchange is the type of power involving incentives in which one agent gives another an item in return for another item. An example of Exchange is a bribe people use bribery to get things done so it is a form of power. Another example, in which the tactic of exchange was used, was in the international war on drugs, The UN decided to give cash to Afghan poppy farmers who agree to change their crops. In that way they gave money so as to prevent drug...

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