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There are many contrasting learning styles with infinite learning characteristics. How humans learn ranges widely and learning is an everyday constant. While doing anything from reading the newspaper in the morning to watching television shows in the evening, individuals are learning. Learning is ever present within humans; a subconscious and ongoing function in daily lives. Additionally, it is adopted into everyday living whether individuals are aware or unaware that learning is even taking place. At times, learning something new is specifically impressed on individuals; whereas in other times, learning may come naturally through everyday tasks.
Everyone is different in the way they obtain skills, knowledge, and functions in daily life. There are numerous learning style models with multifarious methods by which people are able to learn. As Berry and Settle (2011) suggests “people vary in the ways they process and retain information” (p. 2). To elaborate, some individuals may have a great interest and passion to learn about a respective subject. Other people may show great apathy towards the same subject, which they may find uninteresting and monotonous. There are, however, a few basic common fundamental aspects among individuals when learning. Those basic fundamental components are through means of visual, audible, or hands-on procedures in day to day life.
Concerning the visual aspect of learning, those with dominate visual learning styles often prefer the use of pictures, diagrams, and visual aids. They generally will require the use of visual aids when a subject is being explained for the subject to be comprehended entirely. Besides visual learning, there is also audible learning. By this means of understanding, individuals geared towards learning through audible means frequently desire sounds like music, audio teachings, and phone conversations when learning. According to West, Kahn, and Nauta (2007), who briefly summarize the difference between visual learners and verbal learners, say: “those who are more visual learners prefer to acquire information through pictures, diagrams, and charts, whereas those on the more verbal end of this continuum prefer written and spoken explanations” (p. 175).
Equally important as visual and audible learning is the learning process which takes place through having a more hands-on method. One might be able to read words, see pictures, and hear a topic; however, the full concept is fully grasped when the person is able to place their hands on the subject and learn by going through the motions physically. For instance, imagine a hands-on learner reading or listening to someone explaining about how to build, from scratch, a desktop computer. A hands-on learner may grasp a portion of the points discussed verbally and visually but once they are able to hold the computer components physically and find with their hands where each part is to be placed, then and only then, will they be able to grasp...

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