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Different Media Systems In China And The United States

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As of the year 2010, Google battle with the Chinese government over Internet censorship has drawn increased international attention to media system in the country. The conflict between Google and Chinese government is mainly because of the different media systems that serve in the United States and China. Basically, the media system consists of different types of communications media, such as television, Newspapers, Internet, books and other new media (Ipad, smartphones). Chinese media system differs from that of the United States is up to the very different regimes and social conditions that can be analyzed in four aspects: Ownership and national culture of media, laws and regulations, attitude towards foreign media.
The ownership and national culture of media system is the basic cause of the different media systems of the United States and China. Media system of the United States is considered as a free-market system. Large corporations control most the print media and the entire American broadcast media and, and wealthy individuals own these corporations. In 2012, The Walt Disney Company is the largest media conglomerate in the US, with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., Time Warner, Viacom CBS Corporation and NBC Universal ranking second, third and so forth respectively (Lutz, 2012). Together, the "big six" dominate 90% news, radio, magazines, movies and other entertainments in the United States. The Walt Disney Company owns 10 television stations, 277 radio stations, Pixar Animation, and other entertainments. This large and diverse proportion of media holdings make sure that the power of speech is on peoples` side. Thus, the American government has less power to interfere the free speech of media industry.
On the contrary, Chinese media system is tied with Chinese government because the government wants to keep its authority of the party as solid as possible. In order to keep the media under its control, the Chinese government uses monitoring systems to shut down certain websites that seem potentially dangerous, such as Wikipedia and Facebook. There are two possible reasons that the government blocks the websites. One of them is national security because the government does not have the ability to control Internet users if people discuss about the various political parties or the government in those International Websites. Another reason is sensitive content or some materials that seem to be a threat to political stability, like search terms. Because some particular terms may lead to issues that the government does not want people to know, blocking the search terms is the effective way to do. For example, the Tibet problem is a very sensitive topic for Chinese. The University of Oregon host the 14th Dalai Lama`s speech in May 10, 2013. However, the news of Dalai Lama`s speech cannot be found through Chinese search engine. Furthermore, the government needs to avoid “inappropriate” information showing on the screen as well. The “inappropriate”...

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