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Various Roles Within The Government Essay

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The Legislative Branch has many checks over the Executive Branch, including the capability to overrule presidential vetoes with a two-thirds vote. They also have the authority to actually supply any executive action. The Legislative Branch is given the control to form the laws. The impeachment of a president or judge can also happen through the Legislative Branch. The Senate approves treaties and any presidential or judge appointments.
The president of the Senate is the chief leader of the Senate. The president shapes parliamentary motions and rules on parliamentary inquiries. He, or she, is required to sign legislation, writs and warrants and act as the official spokesperson for the Senate. It is the president’s job to appoint committee chairs and members and refer bills to committee. The president will usually head over the daily assemblies of the Senate.
In about twenty-six states, the lieutenant governor functions as the president of the state Senate. In states where the lieutenant governor oversees the Senate, the president of the Senate short-term typically assumes obligations in accordance with a president. Many of these responsibilities are assumed by the president of the Senate short-term. The key roles assigned to the president of the Senate short-term are to oversee the Senate in the president's absence, apply the authorities and obligations of the president in his or her absence, and undertake other responsibilities as allotted by the president. Occasionally, this is an honorary position, with only a few utilitarian responsibilities given.
The speaker characteristically will supervise over the regular meetings of the Senate, keep order in the chamber, state parliamentary motions, educate on parliamentary questions, allot committee chairs and affiliates, bring bills to committee, sign legislation, writs and permits, and perform as the certified speaker for the House or Assembly. In some states, this is an honorary position, with few utilitarian duties assigned. The speaker is the primary leader of the House or Assembly. The main roles allotted to the speaker short-term are to supervise over the House in the speaker's absence, apply the authorities and responsibilities of the speaker in his or her absence, and undertake other duties as given by the speaker.
The majority leader is the lead speaker for the majority party during floor debates. The principal roles of a majority leader typically relate to floor duties. The majority leader’s job is to build the calendar, and help the president or speaker with program growth, policy formation and policy decisions. The obligations of the majority whip are to help the floor leader, guarantee member presence, tally ballots, and usually communicate with the majority position. The majority caucus chair usually builds the majority caucus agenda with the key leaders, supervises over the majority caucus meetings, and helps with the building and growth of policy.
The minority leader is to lead...

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