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Different Types Of Communication In Care Settings

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Different Types of Communication in Care Settings

We live in a world where communication is a vital process of day to
day life. Without communication the world would be in turmoil people
would be in pain, there would be no jobs because you wouldn’t know
what to do, there would most likely be more violence and the
government would not be able to look after its country because there
would be no government. In care settings such as care homes for the
elderly, nurseries, schools it is essential for a communication plan
that is understandable by the carers and also that the client can
understand the carers. In day to day live we use the same
communication skills but we don’t have guides or rules to follow it is
a natural process and we don’t tend to care about how we communicate
with friends or people because you them. Communication would be
useless if the person you are talking to doesn’t understand for any
reason so communication needs to be a two way or more process where
the people you are talking to understand you and can respond.

‘Communication needs to be a two-way process whereby each person
attempts to understand the viewpoint of the other.’


Health & Social care GCE AS level

This is where the communication cycle comes into place, this was
developed to show how people listen and to use as a guide to whether
the person you are trying to communicate with can understand you or is
not listening.


Health & Social care GCE AS level

The four main types of communication used in care settings are verbal
communication, non-verbal communication, visual communication and
written communication. The way these skills are used changes from care
setting to care setting but the same general rules and the way they
affect the client are still the same. To build a professional
relationship with a client or care user a care worker uses these
skills to create a comfortable atmosphere and to show the client that
he/she is interested in what that client has to say. This allows the
client to feel comfortable with the carer meaning that the client will
talk to the care worker, feel confident, relaxed and valued as a
person. It is important to treat everyone as an individual not as a
group, this is because not everyone needs or wants the same attention,
it is important not to stereotype. This is when a person has a fixed
way of thinking involving generalisations and the expectations about a
certain group of people or issues.

Verbal communication is generally any method using the spoken word but
in a care setting this includes the pitch of your voice the rhythm you
speak the language you use the speed of...

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