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Various Types Of Printers And Their Characteristics

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Back then whenever I need to print my study materials, I will simply just connect my laptop to the printer set aside with a connecting cable. And then all I need is to click the print option, the materials will be printed, simple as that. I always thought that was how easy a printer works. After the second lecture of Information Technology 061, which is about computer hardware, I had learnt that there are various types of printers and each with different characteristics. I had never wondered how does a printer function exactly and what makes each type of printers different from one another.

A printer is an output device that produces texts and graphics on a physical ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, wireless printing technology is also one of the various ways producing printed output. Wireless printing technology enables people to do printing tasks through the mobile devices such as smart phone, notebook computer, PDA and Tablet PC. Bluetooth and infrared are the two wireless technologies specifically for the printing process. A device transmits the output to a printer via radio waves with Bluetooth printing. While infrared light waves are used for communication in between a printer and a device with infrared printing. With the development of the network, now most of the business companies connect all the computers in their companies to a central printer on a network, which helps reducing the companies’ expense on the printers.
Impact Printers
Printers are being categorized into two types of printers, which are impact printer and nonimpact printer. An impact printer strikes a mechanism such as print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon, which physically in contact with the paper and forms characters or graphics on the paper. Normally impact printers are noisier than the nonimpact printers, due to the sound produced during the striking process. Although they are much noisier, but they are suitable for printing multipart forms as they can easily print through many layers of paper. Moreover, impact printers can withstand dusts, hot temperature environment, thus they are commonly used in retail counters and factories. The two impact printers that have been used commonly are line printers, dot-matrix printers and daisy wheel printers.

Line Printers
A line printer is usually connected to either a mainframe, midrange server or a network. It prints an entire line of text at one time at a high speed. The speed of a line printer is measured by the number of lines per minute it can print. Other than that, there actually existed five principal designs of line printers which are drum printers, chain printers, bar printers, comb printers and wheel printers. But the most popular types of line printers are band and shuttle-matrix which both are used for high-volume output. Basically, a band printer works by prints fully formed characters while a shuttle-matrix printer is able to print characters in many types of fonts and font sizes as well.

Dot-Matrix Printers
Dot-matrix printer is one of the impact printers as well, but it only produces printed images or words when tiny wire pins on a print head mechanism strikes an inked ribbon. And tiny dots, which actually form characters, are created on the papers. In order to help feed the paper through the printer and avoid paper stuck in the printer, most dot-matrix printers prefer to use continuous-form paper, which thousands of sheets of paper are connected to make printing processes smoothly. Eventually the greater the number of pins, the greater the dots per character printed and results in higher print quality of the dot-matrix printers. Besides, numbers of characters per second the printer...

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