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Different Ways And Techniques To Help Children Read And Write

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Discuss how important you think each of the following factors may be
in helping children learn to read and write.

There are many different ways and techniques used to help children
learn to read and write. Each of these approaches has different
advantages and some are more effective than the others. This essay
will discuss these different approaches and how important they are in
helping children to learn to read and write. Some of the approaches
that will be discussed are the phonics approach, reading schemes and
positive reinforcement.

The phonics approach involves using actions and sounds to help
children read and learn the relationships between sounds and letters.
For example teachers use repetition of the letter sounds and arm
movements to help children spell out words. The use of repetition
would make it easier for the child to remember the sounds, for example
if the teacher were to repeat the sound of the letter “a”, the
children would repeat this and would have it locked in their memories,
which in turn would make it easier for them to read or write the
letters or words. Also the use of sounds and actions is a lot more
stimulating for the children as they are being asked to become
involved instead of sitting quietly and writing. Also the phonic
approach teaches typical beginnings and ends of words such as “qu” and
“ai”, this would gain the child the ability to sound out and breakdown

There are reading schemes that help children read, most notably
“Oxford Reading Tree”. These are a series of books that go up in
levels of difficulty. For example level one is a simple picture book
with no words in it. This is to get the child familiar with books and
also to get them to use their imagination. I feel that this is a good
approach because it gets the child to think about what could be said,
and what is going on in the pictures to form their own...

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