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Varying Definitions Of Community Essay

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Varying Definitions of Community

Being enrolled here at State University, one is a part of a community, a type of give and take community between both the elite student and knowledgeable professor.  The students enroll in this community by choice, and all of them share a common goal of success and wanting to grow and prosper through the community experience.  Today's version of the word community differs from past years and probably from how the word will evolve in the future.  In the examining of different dictionaries on the word “community” one can find that the meanings are very similar, yet they also have some slight variations.

The community here at Michigan State University is a good example of the word community.  This example is especially prevalent in this definition of the word from The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary where it states a community being "a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society <the academic community>".  This is exactly the type of community we have here at MSU.  In looking at the numerous definitions in The Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition, it was obvious in that all of the definitions re-ascertained the same type of meaning that was in BOLD text among all of the rest.  The overall put together definition from all of the definitions found in this particular source was described as a "social group with different members who dwell in the same place and share some sort of common ground" (Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition) this definition stands true to our Michigan State community.  The definition also takes on a surprisingly different meaning in some of the older reference sources.  Having never seen such a definition I was curious on what I would find.  Community, as described in this dictionary, is a Communistic or Socialistic society (Dictionary of American English of 1897 ). This definition, evolving in the late 1800’s, was around the time of settlement of the colonies and the people where setting up a type of either Communistic or Socialistic society or trying to get away from that type of society.   In another older reference,  (French dictionary translated to English) the word community was described as a ...

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