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Varying Types Of Gifted Students Essay

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Identifying gifted students can be quite difficult. Gifted students fall into several categories such as: Successful learners, Creative learners, Underground learners, At Risk Learners, Twice Exceptional learners and Autonomous learners. When trying to identify the characteristics of these profiles, they can often be described as for example: Successful learners, complacent, dependent, extrinsically motivated learners who work for the grade, and are eager for approval. Other types of learners such Creative learners are highly creative, and get bored and frustrated easily. They can be impatient and defensive, sensitive and vulnerable, highly energetic and strongly motivated when it comes to ...view middle of the document...

A few techniques educators can apply when identifying their students are for example, identifying successful learners, is using individual IQ tests to test the students knowledge, using a multitude of nomination forms (teacher, parent and self) as well as multiple criteria. As a successful learner, their grades and test scores would also reflect the type of learner they are. As well as these techniques, other variations could include the use of report cards or reports, which would give the indication to the parent/caregiver and the educator of how successful the student is learning in comparison to the subjects criteria. When trying to identify the type of learner the students are, it then becomes a lot easier to also misdiagnose them, thus leading to the wrong type of support needed to help push and refine their gifts into skills. Depending on the students learning type and personality and behavior towards their learning, they can be not only one profile but also several. For instance, a student can be a successful learner and carry the traits of a creative learner or autonomous learner, which would then benefit the students’ learning in contrast to their peers. Other ways in which could be used to identify other types of learners for example, underground learners, and could cross over into other profiles would be to use interviews as a means to identify them and how the educator and parents/caregivers can in turn develop an effective strategy to ensure the students’ abilities improve and their learning experience.
Strategies and identification processes...

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