V Closet: The Future Of Online Shopping

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Imagine having access to every item of clothing in your closet, shoes and accessories included, at your fingertips! There are many people who find enjoyment in taking time out of their busy schedules to put together an outfit that not only impresses, but also coordinates. However, any engrossed business mogul or chief of surgery may disagree with picking out an outfit as a major priority. Likewise, while some consumers’ nit-picky behaviors cause their closets to come color-coordinated and arranged in alphabetical order, many parents, teenagers, and workaholics are lucky enough if they can find a clean pair of socks hidden away in the back of their closets. vCloset is a device that captures the wants and needs of every consumer, relieving those who find getting dressed a challenging process, and giving those who take fashion as an art form a canvas to create and coordinate.
vCloset is essentially an electronic tablet that can be affixed to the wall in one’s closet or carried around by an individual for use during shopping trips. Usage of the device begins with creating an inventory of every item of clothing and every accessory one plans to wear regularly. Inventory is taken by a small camera on the device, which may capture images of an older article of clothing from all angles, and for newly purchased clothing, scan the bar-code to upload a three-hundred-sixty degree image of the specified article. In doing this, the device is able to capture all angles of each article of clothing in one’s closet for a more realistic fit of the article when it is worn by the individual, ensuring great 3D quality. Once an individual has uploaded all desirable items into vCloset, the device may further organize articles of clothing by category, such as sportswear, evening wear, jewelry, hats, pajamas, etc. The device will also have an option to randomize outfits, which pertains to those individuals only concerned with wearing an outfit that coordinates, not relying on their outfit to be the most fashion forward or glamorous.
Now that the overview of the Product portion of the marketing mix has been established, it is important to acknowledge the other areas of the marketing mix, including Price, Promotion, and Place (Perrault, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2010). vCloset is an electronic tablet that may be sold in various electronic stores such as Best Buy or RadioShack, as well as in department stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales. The estimated price for vCloset will be $350.00, given the device’s many features and overall quality. Advertisements in magazines, newspapers will start the product introduction stage, while TV commercials may expand the product’s fame after a certain amount of success and profit has been made. The overall major selling advantage for vCloset: vCloset is a device that improves the everyday lives of hard-working people. With all of the errands and chores a person does with discouragement, getting dressed shouldn’t have to...

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