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Vegetables: Annotated Bibliography Essay

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The overview of this article was the benefits of growing food in a backyard garden. In fact, the article had useful information about food shortages and efforts that can be made to grow vegetables in a backyard. One thing to point out is the article clearly shows typical mistakes that are made by beginning gardeners. The article discussed how it is possible to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Another point the article made was about the taste of fruits and vegetables from a garden. This source is an example of backyard gardening and how to avoid common errors. The target audience would be first time gardeners attempting to avoid common gardening errors. The source was found by searching ...view middle of the document...

The source could be used to explain the certified organic label meaning for the research project. The target audience would be a neutral audience that buys fruits and vegetables. The source was found by searching the Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) for fruits and vegetables and garden and organic.

The article offered honest advice from an organic farmer’s perspective about the benefits of eating dark, leafy greens. The author points out that eating fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancers. In the article it states the vitamin and mineral benefits from consuming the four green power houses which include kale, Swiss chard, turnip greens and spinach. Also, listed in the article are the best varieties, growing tips, and preparation hints for each of the four greens. The article states that the plants diet needs to consist of the right soil combination. The source showed the health benefits of leafy greens from an organic farmer’s perspective and would be a valuable piece of the research project. The target audience would be organic gardeners. The source was found by searching the Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) for health benefits of growing vegetables.

The article featured when to buy fruits and vegetables organically versus conventionally grown. The author pointed out the higher cost that is associated with buying organic fruits and vegetables. It was mentioned in the article, that imported fruits and vegetables could have a higher amount of residue than those from a garden. The article points out that food labeled as USDA Organic must be produced without most pesticides. The article also lists out sixteen of the worst offenders for pesticides. This source would be good for the research project due to the article mentioning the residue left on vegetables from pesticide. A neutral audience would be the targeted audience for this article. The source was found by searching the Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) for health benefits of growing vegetables.

The article focused on how conventional farms are converting to organic farming. According to the article, recently more supermarkets have been...

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