Vegetarian And Vegans In America Today By Doctor Bernard

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“The Earth is so big. We can’t possible have any lasting, harmful impact on the Earth’s environment.”1
In the documentary, The Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore presents a brief synopsis of some of the outcomes that global warming has played on our delicate Earth. Mr. Gores objective is to “…separate truth from fiction…” by providing various statistics, charts, equations, pictures, while including his personal life experiences. The data gathered, and the trends of different climatological graphs, were introduced to the public in order to provide a finer comprehension of the situation at hand. This documentary also provides a deeper understanding regarding the most sensitive issue about the environment which is the Global Warming.
Former Vice President, Al Gore, presented various facts of the differences of Earth’s topography, and nature today, and compared to the data from previous years. Mr. Gore caught the attention of ...view middle of the document...

Carbon is one of the many greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere that actively participates to the rapid warming of Earth resulting to the global rise in temperature.1 These greenhouse gases, together with many natural catastrophic events, are said, as per Mr. Gore, increase the data results, and lead to many more losses. One of the examples Al Gore gave was that of Hurricane Katrina, the largest and most destructible storm that occurred in the U.S in 2005. This hurricane recorded a massive number of victims, and millions of dollars in damage. The quick build-up of the storm that was said to be a Category 5 storm was seen in rapid pace due to its movement to the unusually warm waters of the Loop Current.2
“What we take for granted might not be here for our children.”1 This is the main quote by Al Gore that took to my heart. It was alarming to see the various effects of the dramatic increase in carbon emissions in the world. We, the people, must make all conscious efforts take care of what we have, especially our only home, the planet Earth. Earth’s nature is the most precious gift that God has given us, so in return, we must take good care of it, and not ignoring its climate crisis. Upon seeing this documentary, it turned out to be a wake-up call for me. It made me cautious about this topic, making me concerned and searching for ways to help to our Earth recover from the damages it has sustained over the years. It’s a relief to that many governments and countries supported the Kyoto Protocol’s aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We can assist in the recovery and help solve this climate crisis by doing simple acts such as: planting more trees, use electricity less, use water less, use cars less, and especially supporting any environment solutions.
This documentary, The Inconvenient Truth provided me an in depth view on the issues surrounding global warming. I only know very little about this situation, and I was under the impression that it was not such a big deal as some make it out to be. My hope is that this documentary will help others embrace the reality of global warming enough for them to take action and partake in the recovery process.

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