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Vegetarian Diet Or Eat Meat? Essay

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Vegetarian Diet or Eat Meat?

The decisions we make greatly influences our way of living, how we move in our environment, and how other people see us. The same goes for eating.
Plants, fungi, bacteria, and animals which includes us humans – every living being in this world need food to survive. Plants undergo through the process of photosynthesis to make starch. Both bacteria and fungi secrete enzymes that digest nutrients after decomposition. After that, we, the family of animals, hunt and scout for the food that will supply for our bodily needs and will give us the strength to carry on everyday. That alone makes us different and gives us the title of being the ‘hunters’ of this world, ...view middle of the document...

You have to be aware of what you’re getting into and properly prepare yourself for it, right? As you should all be knowledgeable about, it is very hard to cope up with sudden changes, and if we do cannot discern what the pluses are from the drawbacks, it may do us more trouble than good.
Let us start with some of the advantages of a vegetarian diet first. First of all is the guaranteed contribution to your health. Squashes contribute to your eyesight. Oregano cures swollen throats and coughing. Rice and potatoes give you energy for everyday. It’s guaranteed that something good will happen to you. You know what nutrients you can get from this particular food, while in meat, you are unsure. You will love longer by continuing to supply your body’s needs with nutritious fruits and vegetables while lying low and safe. You can maintain a good shape by evading the ingestion of foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates (which are usually meat). You can also be more regular in bowel movement, especially since you’re getting a proper supply of fiber in your system. If you become a vegetarian, you can be sure that you will improve your health.
Second, you can lower the risks of getting a disease because of daily exercising the habit of being health-conscious. Even though it is not part of the diet to exercise, go to the gym, or jog around the block every morning, quite a sum of vegetarians do it because of the want to stay healthy. Isn’t that most of the reasons most vegetarians are what they are today? To stay healthy and fit? Not only that, but they also promote the image of good health to the people around them. Health problems involving the intake food, like obesity for example, is generally not that much of a nuisance for them as it is for the meat-eating folks. The key to that is because they are usually careful of the things they consume and are more likely to stay away from foods that spell out ‘Danger! Artery-clogging fat here!’.
After we tackling several advantages of a vegetarian diet, let us know about its risks to our body. Firstly, there will be a difficulty in performing muscle-straining activity or anything that remotely involves the intense usage of your muscles. Seeing as you won’t be getting any of the rich protein found in meat, you will have to find alternatives in the fruits and vegetables area. Though there are many sources of protein besides meat, meat provides he ideal protein needed to do anything that involves exerting your body through means of power, agility, or speed. You won’t be getting weak, but since your body is lacking the protein it needs to do that particular action, you’d be having a hard time.
Secondly, you would be in constant deficiency of calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and other nutrients which meat, along with other dairy products and eggs, provides. Some vegetarians take shots to supply their bodies of these nutrients. Of course, like meat, milk, which is the main source of calcium, also has a...

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