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Vegetarianism Essay

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Friday evening. You decided to have a dinner with your friends at the new restaurant. You are promptly seated at the table in a corner and are given menus. Happy mood helps to enjoy the evening. What a varied menu you have here: juicy burgers, foot-long sandwiches, salads, steaks, grilled ribs in barbecue sauce, grilled chicken ... Oh, wait! You are a vegetarian. You are not allowed to eat meat. Your evening is destroyed. Your friends are laughing at you while you’re finishing the second plate of salad, while they are playing with pork ribs. You’ve already prepared to listen to their jokes about vegetarians and answer multiple questions why you stopped eating meat.
The situation above often occurred to me. Before I chose a restaurant, I tried to find out what food was served there. I was vegetarian for over five years. And all these five years I ate no fish, no meat, no chicken, but only vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals. I thought such an abundance of nutrient was sufficient for my organism, but my body was saying otherwise. A few months later, after the rejection of meat food and consumption of vegetables only, I started to feel the malnutrition. Hunger followed me constantly. Despite the fact that I could eat a lot, a half an hour later, I was so hungry and had to look for something else to eat. Then, health problems began. Depression, emotional imbalance, fatigue, weakness, apathy, poor sleep – this was just a small list of disorders that I have gained by eating vegetables. When I stopped eating meat, I didn’t know what it was like to be a vegetarian. I wasn’t aware of what I should have eaten and how. During this long five years, I learned a lot about vegetarianism and found out it’s not even close to what people think it is.
Vegetarianism is a lifestyle in which a person eats foods of plant origin (Shapiro, par. 3). More precisely, this is not always just the vegetable food, because there is a separation among vegetarians. There are adherents of vegetarian food that eat only plants. Some people eat vegetarian food and drink milk, others consume plants, milk and eggs (Friend 11). Vegetarianism, for many supporters of the principles of nutrition, is not just eating habits. It’s a way of life, rejecting violence against animals.
It is impossible not to recognize the fact that people are the same animals. And it's not just because of Darwin's theory that man evolved from the apes, but because of recently deciphered human genome, for which the "decryptor" has already received a Nobel Prize. At the same time, he proved to the world that a human “has the same snippets of genetic code in cells, which exist in the crocodiles, lizards, flies, mammals” (Gold 26). That means only one thing: human is the same biological animal, but only with the ability to think. We have the same features as a carnivorous animal, canine teeth, for example, and need to use them purposely. Base on this data, we can conclude that the food of animal origin must be...

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