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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarians are a growing community in our nation. They are still, however, by and far, the minority in our countries eating habits. There are less than 10% in our nation. Given this minute number, most people are not completely acquainted with this diet. There are aspects that remain unclear. The general public wonders how anyone can survive on rabbit food. So what is unclear is then assumed. Vegetarians become defined as skinny and weak. Data, however, is increasingly growing covering the benefits or lack thereof on this subject. It is a topic that contains passionate beliefs and opinions. Discussions can include, how the meat industry causes more pollutants that the car industry, if it’s moral to eat animals, animal rights, vegetarianism as a religious tradition or the different types of vegetarians. Yet, the main question remains to be whether this form of diet can even provide the nutrition a person needs. If so, how much extra effort does it take? Health Organizations are a good source for this information. Actual vegetarians’ are a great source too. Friends of mine have existed on this diet for over 5yrs and for all intensive purposes, seem to be doing fine. They should be 90 lbs. due to the benefits they are missing from meat. The thing is, they are not. They appear to be very healthy. Certain studies (, show that they are. I’d like to explore the idea of whether vegetarians can get the proper nutrients and vitamins without a great deal of effort. Is it possible they can find their needs at the local supermarket rather than a specialty organic or wholesale store? Is it too much work to sustain a plant-based diet and stay healthy? Cetainly vegetarians such as Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson, Carrie Underwood, Bill Clinton and Eddie Vedder show that it appears physically you can do well eating this way. Nonetheless, this does not confirm their actual health or the trouble they may go through to avoid meat. From my limited experience, this form of diet can succeed smoothly in providing complete nourishment. That is soley based on the people I know. There is no way to tell what happens when I am not in their presence.
The World Health Organization (WHO) tells us that a diet based on fuits, vegetables and legumes produce great health benefits. These are all readily available at any local supermarket. There really is no need to seek out organic unless it is your preference. It is said to be healthy, due to not being chemically altered or synthesiec but is not a requirement for being a vegetarian. Searching somewhere other than your local store would come down to whether you need special or extra nutirents and vitamins no longer being supplied for you. Seeking out a wholesale store would be due to savings and not lack of product. So, the question remains whether our bodies will survive and thrive on simply the items at ordinary local markets. Do vitamin and nutrition...

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