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The most important parts of a working airbag system are the crash sensors. These pieces of electronics are built to tell when the vehicle has been damaged in an accident. Once an accident is determined by the control unit, a signal is sent to the inflator system. This inflator sets off a chemical charge which produces an explosion of nitrogen gas, this fills up the airbag and bursts through the paneling which contains it and enters into the space of the car with the purpose of protecting the passenger.

Every object in the car has speed, mass and direction. Therefore, if a person sitting in the car is not secured, they will continue moving in the same direction and also with the same speed ...view middle of the document...

Also, as close to the back of the head as it could be.
Seat belts
The purpose of the seat belts is to hold the passengers in place in order to make them almost a part of the car which in this case, prevents them from flying forward as the car stops abruptly in case of a collision. When a collision with another object occurs, the car’s acceleration decreases quickly in a short period of time. This process is called deceleration. This is explained by Newton’s Law of Inertia: “An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”.

When a car collides with another object, that object provides the force which then changes the speed and direction. The car either stops going in the direction it was going in or in some cases bounces back, which depends on how hard the force was or how much momentum the car had. Once this happens, the passenger is not being acted upon by force to slow them down, this is when the seatbelts show its importance.

Q3. Use of technology

Throughout the centuries, cars have undergone changes in mostly every aspect, from the body to the design and to the safety features. Those changes have shaped and designed the modern automobile and will continue to give impact on its development in the future. Cars have evolved in many areas. Technology has taken over, we have now for example power locks and windows and also some cars now come supplied with built-in GPS, fuel usage, computer enabled hybrid electric engines and a computer to help you parallel park.
Body Design

The picture of the body of an...

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