Vehicle Safety Enhancement Essay

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Since safety is one of the main top buying consideration for customers, significant inventions which improve the safety of cars plays a huge role in bringing up the sales for each car manufacturers. Many car makers compete to create cars with high level of safety, meeting the demand of the motoring public.
German automobile manufacturing company BMW’s current productions feature several new technologies such as the Active Blind Spot Detection in their 7 series flagship (2009 models). A lot of cars on the road these days have blind spot monitoring systems, in which the visual warnings will be displayed on the side mirrors to let the driver know about the car approaching from the blind spot.
What makes BMW’s Active Blind Spot Detection system outstand the other car in the showroom is that its steering wheel vibrates to warn the drivers when they are trying to change lanes without noticing the warning on the side mirror.

One of the technology that are current being develop is the cars that can communicate with each other. This is indeed, a huge thing to create and develop as it does not only involve one car manufacturing, but it involves every other car on the road. Of course, it would require many modifications (Not to talk about the idea of creating a ‘maglev cars’ which will use electromagnetic force to levitate and move the car would require changing the whole road system!) as it involves all vehicles in the road. Ford Auto Company and the US government have been working on this project. First is the Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication (V2V). This would allow cars to communicate with each other through wireless radio signals to share information between cars regarding their location, speed and direction. When cars communicate with each other, they can make sure they are at safe distance from each other to prevent collisions. In fact, a study was made by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that this V2V technology would be able to reduce road crashes by 79 percent. The other is Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I). This technology would enable vehicles to communicate with other things surrounding them. Cars and things like traffic light and road signs can share informations too! We can easily get access to the traffic information and the best routes to take. These informations can also be about safety issues during the time of distress.
These two technologies would require deep scientific knowledge about wave and radio signal transmission from one body to another. If this is made reality, the automotive safety will increase – not only saving lives, but also limbs!
Besides the V2V and V2I technology, car manufacturers are trying to develop airbags that stops the car during an emergency. Currently, we have many types of airbags that cushions our body during a car collision to cause minimal injuries. This is due to the small impulsive force exerted on our body. As the airbags cushions, it increases the time of impact which...

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