Cars Direct.Com: Shaking Up The Competition.

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1. How do customers and Car Direct each benefit from the online marketing?The advantages for both the customer and the CarDirect are:For the customers:It is very convenient to speak for the product in every place every time in a day. And the detail information about the company, product, competitor, and price is very clear to know from the online marketing. It also offers other advantages like don't need go out from home, or don't need to join a queue. And because you buy the thing only from the director, so it's has a low cost. It is very cheaper for you.For the CarDirect there have many advantages:- Adapt to the marketing quickly: the company can add the product rapidly. Change the price and the specification.- Low cost: it can reduce the cost of print and post throw communication exchange with Internet. It also can sell product without shop, hair, water and electricity's fee, the cost of people.- Made relationships: the CarDirect can chat with them to make relations.- The information from the Internet: they can know how many people had visited their website and which part they had stayed. This information can help them to change the supply and the advertising. And that every company can use the Internet resource. Compare with the media, it has a little limits and it's very plenty and adapt very quickly.2. Outline CarDirect's marketing. What the problems do you see with its strategy?- They set up website offering consumers performance, pricing and dealer information and model specific chat room.- and Ford Motor Company are looking into developing a site that would allow consumer to order car directly from the factory.- Trilogy Software of Austin, Texas, is funding Then, will use these dealerships to create regional distribution canters, transforming these dealers into online retailers to serve large territories.- AtoNation, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is putting the inventory in its 270 dealerships online and encouraging other independent dealers to sell on its Web site.- Autobytel reported that it is also testing a direct sales method.- Ford and GM have launched new units that they will buy dealerships and operate them as factory owend stores, allow them to test Internet selling.Their strategy both good, but the very important thing is the both mentioned how to expend their business. But no company made a method how to get the customer more satisfied how let more and more people to visit their company. And which part of customer they had to face.3. What marketing recommendations would you make to car direct? Specifically, how can car direct get more people to visit its site and purchase cars use its service?- Any promise made is back up with results. No lies, no hedging.- Timely replies to email or form posting.- No intermediary that searches the database on the customers' behalf.- An initial up front price quote that the company can supply.- Dealer databases that are accurate,...

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