Cars Run Over Buses Essay

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Cars run over Buses
It is the speed of the wheels that ignites excitement; it is the sound of the engine that attracts attention, and it is the grip on the steering wheel that gives the sense of control. You will never experience these ideals by riding the public transportation. As someone who took the public transportation and as a driver, I know the financial issues and environmental effects of owning a car; however, there are still advantages of cars that run over public transportation.
As a driver, I know it can be a hassle when finding a parking spot in busy urban areas and paying for the parking fee can sometimes be pricy. However, you will most likely arrive at exact destination whereas public transportation will drop you off several blocks away. In addition, though the fare is cheaper than the parking fee, you struggle with the weight of purchases from a mall or grocery store while taking public transportation. In worst-case scenario, you might need to stand up when the carriage is crowded. I remember the last time I had to carry five bags of grocery with both hands while struggling to stand still on a bus. In addition to the humiliation of falling every time the bus pulls over or speeds up, the bus never stopped at my house. After all the standing and falling, I still needed to walk over a block or two to get to my doorstep.
In addition, owners of automobiles do not need to worry about the schedules of bus and do not need to panic for missing the last available train. Owning a personal automobile gives consumers the option to manage their time without the variables of a late bus, missing a bus, public arguments, budget shortage, etc. Taking into consideration, when a bus is late, you are late for your job interview, and when you miss the last train, you are absent for a funeral. In contrast to replying on public transportation, you can pull out your car key and be one your way. Why waste the freedom of the road when you have the right to?
Everyone knows the economy is bad enough as it is now, and not everyone can afford a car. However, purchasing a small car is not that expensive. I use my mother's second-hand car that cost her less than a thousand bucks. You can definitely find an affordable car at a local auto sale. Though it may look unattractive and embarrassing, it can accomplish the same goals an expensive car can. It is definitely less embarrassing than falling in a public transportation.
Defenders of public transportation then criticize the expense of owning a car, such as gas prices. It is obviously cheaper to pay for a public transportation than purchasing gas for approximately $4.00 per gallon (within the United States), but I would say the gas is worth every dollar you pay for. Even with my mother's old car that hardly reach 15mpg (miles per gallon), it can travel farther and faster than public services.
Speaking of mpg, environmentalists argue that cars pollute. That is a valid argument. Michelle Robinson,...

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