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Vending Machines Essay

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Have you ever been so hungry that you felt like you were going to faint and then you remembered that you didn’t have breakfast that morning? Then you go to the vending machine and get something to snack on to hold you over until lunch but, what if your school didn’t have a vending machine and your lunch was an hour away what would you do. That’s what this paper is here to help you with in deciding if you would want a vending machine inside of your schools. The reason why vending machines should be allowed into schools is because it would give the student a choice to choose from when picking their snacks it will give the student a healthy/ unhealthy snack, it will give the schools more money ...view middle of the document...

It also will provide janitors with more supplies for cleaning schools and also more supplies for the bathrooms (i.e.…tissue, hand soap, paper towels, and mirrors) to make the bathrooms look prettier.
One thing that has helped the student in their decision when choosing between food or vending machine snacks is their parents, who were very influential in providing children, from infants to teenagers, with making healthy choices. As infants, its mainly the parents that decide what the child will drink i.e…formula or breast milk. As the child grow and began to develop, the parent usually decide what type of baby cereal they will add to the milk and what baby food the infant will eat. As the child continue to grow and become a toddler, it is the parent that decide what type of soft food, vegetable, meat and fruit the child will consume.
When children begin preschool/kindergarten the parent decides, along with the school district and the teacher what the child will eat based upon the choices the parent may have. If the school district provides healthy foods, the parent may choose for the child to eat the school lunch. If the parents are vegetarians or very healthy eaters, they may decide to prepare their child’s lunch to ensure the child has the protein and other nutrients needed.

When the child becomes a tween/teen its, usually up to the child on what they will eat and/ or if they will eat. If the child has eaten healthy from the beginning of birth, they will probably continue with the healthy eating habits that the parents taught them. If the student would want to try something different, it’s up to them because they are now old enough to choose what they would want to eat.
Some parents wouldn’t want their child eat food that is unhealthy and do not have the nutrients needed to maintain good health. Other parents will agree that vending machines are good for their schools.
The parent will not be with the child forever so...

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