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The popularity of the vending machine has failed students to realize the red flags that pertain to the vending machine. These machines are stocked with junk food and sugary soft drinks every single week allowing a quick access to food; however, what we don’t know is how students and schools view the vending machine. Schools generate extra income from vending machines despite the health concern of students who rely on the vending machines as a daily source of nourishment. This is also because the vending machine selections are often based more on what will make money as opposed to what is healthy. School lunches alone are unhealthy with servings of burgers, pizza, and French fries everyday which can lead to chronic illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease at young age. Therefore, to avoid unhealthy snacking, discouragement of healthy eating, and the concerns that come with childhood illnesses, vending machines need to be replaced with healthy options allowing healthy lifestyle and academic concentration.
Imagine walking down a hallway with different assortments of vending machines. Ice-cream! Chips! Soda! Candy! It’s all calling your name! Or imagine going to a store such as Wal-Mart and being confronted with aisles and aisles of eye-catching, yet unhealthy, food, what will one do? Seeing the vending machine and the aisles glistening in bright light makes your mouth water doesn’t it? The majority would most likely spend their dollar. Students tend to be introduced to an increased amount of vending machines from elementary school, middle school and throughout high school. Age also plays a role because as students get older the amount of adult supervision decreases, evidently, things that they wouldn’t be allowed to have at home are now at school in a vending machine for as little as 50 cents for a bag of chips with no adult telling the student “ no”. If a bag of chips is as cheap as 50 cents, hey might as well get two! Did you know one bag of Doritos contains 250 calories? One bag of skittles has the same amount of calories as a bag of Doritos. As an average student waking up in the morning can be irritating prohibiting time for a well-balanced breakfast, because of this, students and faculty rely on the vending machine for a quick breakfast snack. Breakfast options in a vending machine are quite limited; the most popular breakfast snack is the Strawberry Frosted Pop Tart which contains 420 calories, 10grams of fat, 2.5grams of saturated fat, and 40grams of sugar. I personally love pop tarts, which isn’t healthy, yet even on a college campus there aren’t much healthy choices in the vending machine either. According to the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, diet has a significant effect on children’s study habits. Junk food and foods with high sugar content reduce energy levels and the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time (Fleck, Alissa).
Replacing vending machines with healthy options is...

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