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Venezuela Essay

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Venezuela is a country that has various domestic issues. I will be discussing the ones I have found to be salient. Initially, Venezuela’s domestic food shortage and dependence on food imports. Secondly, the country’s currency shortage. Subsequently, the crime that is going on throughout the country. Additionally, their housing and infrastructure issue. To conclude, Venezuela’s poverty rate. All these points make up Venezuela’s domestic issues.
To start off with, Venezuela is a rich country in resources but so low in supplies. That’s something that people find to be a very complex issue and a difficult one to comprehend. Venezuela is rich in natural resources like oil, gold, and crops, yet it’s supplies to its citizens are very much limited. (French 2012) Venezuela is actually one of the world’s top oil producers. Unfortunately, they seem to have shortages on products like milk and meat. These are everyday necessities that affect everyone regardless of their class. According to this article I read online, it stated that even in the rich areas of Venezuela, you could find everything but a single roll of toilet paper. One reason for this is due to the fact that when Chavez was president, he nationalized many companies and made prices so low that eventually it caused the companies to terminate production. (French 2012) When there are staples of milk or corn flour missing for weeks, people start to panic. Eventually when a large order comes in, people rush to the supermarkets and get as much as they could.
Venezuela is a country that is excessively dependent on food imports rather than their own domestic food products. The country has been promised for years that their dependence of food imports will be reduced, but unfortunately that has not been the case. According to Venezuela’s minister, Venezuela will increase its food...

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