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With basically an almost Civil War happening in South America, the people of “Little Venice” or Venezuela have gone and are currently going through very difficult times. This is happening due to careless actions being taken not only in the past but now as well by Venezuela’s military and government. This is proved by the deceiving dictatorships that occur and have occurred, violent protests and revolutions, and preventable economic issues. Government in Venezuela is having an overall negative impact on the entire country and the ones associated with Venezuela.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people may agree with the idea that Venezuela has never had much luck with government and leaders; some may object and declare that Venezuela has had events happen that affect the country itself and others in a positive way. A supporting point for that argument is that “before 1900’s, Venezuela was a relatively poor agricultural society plagued by political instability. During the 1900’s, however, wealth from rich oil deposits rapidly transformed the nation into a modern democratic society with a notable degree of political stability.” (Tenenbaum, 179) This source also explains how Venezuela’s society and economy ameliorated with the money gained from all the great natural resources and with the money earned, the country is able to produce more goods, provide for the people, and make partnerships with other countries. When Carlos Andre Perez won the election and became president in 1974, “he concentrated on the nationalization of Venezuela’s oil and iron-ore industries” (Carlos Andre Perez, World History in Context). Perez was very proactive in Latin American Politics where he supported Panama in new canal treaties with the United States, and supplied military and financial aid to Nicaraguan rebels during the time of the Somoza regime. Other actions taken by Presidents such as Hugo Chavez had a positive outcome. For example in September 2012, Chavez cooperated with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and British intelligence agency M16 to arrest Daniel Barrera, known as EL Loco, a major Colombian drug lord.”(Venezuela, Global Issues) Barrera was later arrested in the capital Caracas, Venezuela. Chavez was also active in the U.S. proposed FTAA and established the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas.
If looked into profusely, the above information is true, but seems to be a cover for what actually happened and happens in Venezuela. Oil is a major contributor to Venezuela’s trading system. It is number one when it comes to producing oil and other useful natural resources, but “the nation is not self-sufficient in agriculture and must import two thirds of its total food supply.”(Venezuela, Global Issues) This article also states how Venezuela’s...

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