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Reasons for Venezuela seceded from Gran Colombia

Different customs and interests among populations, and the economic crisis that sparked the war, coupled with the lack of roads and means of communication, organization and good government prevented such extensive territory, Venezuelan people never felt Colombians.
There were economic and political sectors in each country who were never interested in the integration process.
England and the United States promoted secession, Venezuelans wanted more autonomy in their territory.

Grad Colombia
The modern nations of Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador are grouped together, from 1740, as the Spanish Viceroyalty of New Granada with its capital at Bogotá which it was located in Colombia. Was a territorial entity, member of the Spanish Empire, established by the Spanish Crown, during the American rule, this short-lived republic encompassed the territories of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and also claimed the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the Mosquito Coast, and small parts of what today are Peru and Brazil. The first three were the successor states to Gran Colombia at its dissolution.

Simón Bolívar:
(1783 - 1830) was a Venezuelan soldier and politician, one of the leading figures of American Emancipation against the Spanish Empire. He contributed decisively to the independence of current Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The Spaniards forced Bolivar to retreat from Venezuela to New Grad Colombia, also at war with Spain. He took of a Colombian force and captured Bogota in 1814. Bolivar marched into Grand Colombia in 1816. He defeated the Spaniards in Boyar in 1918, liberating the territory of Colombia.
He was also the first president of Bolivia. He also was awarded the honorary title of Liberator by the Cabildo of Merida in Venezuela.

Francisco de Paula Santander:

Statesman, revolutionary and politician, founding father of the Independence of Colombia, It is known as The Man of Laws, and Organizer of Victory. He was...

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