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Vengeance With A Twist Essay

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In the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Heathcliff has taken it upon himself to seek revenge against anyone who mistreated him. While doing so, his cruel acts lead to the demise of the first generations of Earnshaws, the family who adopts him. Although his animosity is aimed to one it becomes out of control, it spreads to everyone like a disease of cruelty and heartbreak. Unfortunately a bitter childhood and betrayal of the heart turns a kind soul into an evil sour man searching for vengeance. The avengement of Heathcliff brings on the rage and corruption to the Earnshaw – Linton families tearing through the first generation.

The anger Heathcliff has for Hindley stems the deepest because of the abuse Heathcliff endured as a child. Heathcliff’s childhood was swept away by Hindley; this is the cause of his revenge. Mr. Earnshaw adopted Heathcliff into the Earnshaw family, making him an outsider. He had much love for Heathcliff, which infuriated Hindley, who became envious. Because of Hindley’s feelings towards Heathcliff, the reader feels that “he is almost like a stray dog brought home to Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw.”(McClinton –Temple 1). These feelings caused him to mistreat Heathcliff. After Mr. Earnshaw died, Hindley had complete control over the estate. Heathcliff was deprived of education and was “treated more as an animal than a human.” (McClnton-Temple 1) This ill treatment enforced by Hindley, made it Heathcliff’s goal to bring reprisal and annihilate Hindley. Hindley’s trouble with drinking, which is his ultimate downfall, allowed the revenge be easygoing. Heathcliff involving Hindley in gambling overloads him in debt. In order to pay it off Hindley must mortgage the estate making Heathcliff the new owner. To finalize the deal, Hindley drinks himself to death. Heathcliff’s fuel for revenge, all derived from the torment of Hindley as a child, leading to Hindley’s death.

Not only does Hindley feel Heathcliff’s rage, but so does Catherine, the love of his life, and Edgar. During his time away Catherine becomes increasingly close to Edgar. Even though she is in love with Heathcliff, she marries Edgar Linton from Thrushcross Grange. The marriage of Catherine and Edgar crushed Heathcliff and brought out more inner demons. To Heathcliff this was “a crucial act of self betrayal and bad faith.” (Novel for Students 321) Not only did Edgar marry the love of his life, he also treated Heathcliff as a lesser being because of his class. As a way to get back at Edgar, Heathcliff marries his Isabella, Edgar’s sister. This is a way to obtain his land. Love did not drive Heathcliff to oppose the marriage. Another goal was to break up the marriage but Heathcliff “actuated not by love but by hatred of the Lintons” (David Cecil 245). As a final stab in the heart, Heathcliff secretly plans the marriage of the children Linton and Catherine; so that once Edgar and Linton pass away he becomes owner of the two estates. Heathcliff’s plot was...

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