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Project Deliverable Essay

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12. Critical Path: "The Critical path is the longest duration path through the project.The significance of the critical path is that the activities that lie on it cannot be delayedwithout delaying the project. Because of its impact on the entire project, critical pathanalysis is an important aspect of project planning." The next phase of the project cannot be started or completed until the tracking of last task has been completed. This allows for the controlled tasks to be monitored for each step of the project on its critical path and will allow no slack. A majority of our tasks fall on the critical path. Our project needs to be well managed to make sure the project is not delayed by task going over the set schedule. As long as the project stays on target the critical path will not change.13. Status Reports: Given weekly by the Project Coordinator to the Project Manager and on up the corporate ladder. The Project Coordinator includes the following information from supervisors and managers of specific divisions that are handling the project. The Coordinator also briefs the Project Manager on what is actually happening with the project and what was originally planned. Other factors are included such as costs, performance, and scheduling conflicts. We have scheduled status reports every Wednesday to make sure we can keep on top of the current task and project any future risks we may run into.14. Event-Driven Reports: Based on specific phases of completion within the project. These types of reports can also have milestones within the project or significant events that have occurred along the project life cycle. Task completion reports are one of the most significant Event-Driven reports. A specific Event-Driven report for the group's current project would be the License Acquisition Agreement. This is a major milestone for the project and cannot be...

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938 words - 4 pages , publishing, filing)security/secrecy requirements - i.e. who can not see or use itcurrency information (e.g. must be maintained, updateable, one-off, temporary, final project deliverable) (Wallace, 2002).ConclusionDue to the implementation of a quality plan, our project costs were lowered. We did not experience costs associated with waste such as: rejects of completed work, design flaws, manpower improperly instructed, excess or noncontributing

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574 words - 2 pages have revealed certain critical factors such as the fact that the firm's current technology system would not be able to support the project and would have saved them lots of time and money."The primary purpose is to define as clearly as possible the deliverable(s) for the end user and to focus project plans" (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 100).Project portfolio management systemHarrison-Keyes, Inc did not have an effective project portfolio

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627 words - 3 pages printers, faxes even recycling bin should be secured because it may contain sensitive data. Securing deliverables in IT security management, project managers are responsible of integrating security starting by collect requirements passing by controlling risks and the verification of the deliverable. At the end of every project, managers should document everything that faced them during the project which can be useful in the future.

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1240 words - 5 pages project on schedule, team members, project managers and stakeholders must communicate to ensure the success of the project. "Project communications is one deliverable that… has a large influence over… a project's success or failure" (Nielsen, 2008). Communication, an essential component of the project from start to finish, gives all parties the opportunity to provide responses to concerns or suggestions.Along with active

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1050 words - 4 pages project charter covered deliverable documents which were identified on how they should be stored. This is a communication method that values the outputs of Organizational Process Assets. It also serves as reference points of other process as either inputs or outputs. This Project was considered a success as it delivered the key deliverable of a system that was needed for a small market. On the contrary, my reflection of communications

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863 words - 3 pages define as clearly as possible the deliverable(s) for the end user and to focus project plans," (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 100). There is a deficiency in the process flow for the eRPD's strategic program process. The team should use a project management system which supplies a structure for the introduction and implementation of the project actions. By developing a sound project management system, RPD will have an insight on how the

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944 words - 4 pages duly supported by specified release documents and other documents called for under the Contract. Invoice must accomplish state laws.4.6 InspectionAll reports, deliverables, documents, goods and all services rendered under this Contract shall be subject to inspection by the Project Authority or its designated representative.4.7 DeliverablesAll deliverable must be listed in the proposal, including the required format and the delivery date

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1627 words - 7 pages , Student courses, and Course units' information. 5.3 Project deliverable and desired outcomes Project management documents: PID Project, communication, and quality plans. Highlight reports. End project report. Risk, issue and lessons learned logs. Database design and its proper justification. Screen shots and system demo. Final group report. Individual reflective report. The final

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1108 words - 4 pages identification and assignment of each task until the end of the project. It should also include a risk analysis and a definition of a criteria for the successful completion of each deliverable. The governance process is defined, stake holders identified and reporting frequency and channels agreed. The most common tools or methodologies used in the planning stage are Business Plan and Milestones Reviews.Execution and controllingThe most important issue in

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1270 words - 6 pages them, allows the Project Manager time to handle the situations that were truly unknowable or make a good deliverable outstanding. Good project management understands the importance of identifying these risks in order to bring their project to successful completion. References Rapalus, P. (1997). Security measures for protecting confidential information on the internet and intranets. Employment Relations Today (Wiley), 24(3), 49-58

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3233 words - 13 pages RAD approach. The bare bones functionality can be moved into production first, with the bells and whistles added in later implementations. * Team inexperienced with technology. A project with a team unfamiliar with the chosen technology must use a RAD approach. The team will need an early, smaller deliverable to learn and experiment with limited risk. A Waterfall approach in this circumstance is never appropriate. * Large

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916 words - 4 pages risks, which are (or at least we hope are) not risks we expect to see frequently. The second component of the TCP risk tool is to identify subcontractor risk. Some contractors may have risk management protocols in place but a basic questionnaire can identify sub-contractors risk readiness. • Do you have a risk management protocol in place for this project? • Do you currently have all your resources needed for your deliverable? • What suppliers