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DELL Computer Corporation Inc. Group 8
CASE STUDY ORGANIZATIONDell's company mission: To be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets they serve.Computer is a product where its value would obsolete in a very short period. Product life cycles in the personal computer (PC) industry have decreased from 22 months in 1988 to 4-6 months in 2004. The performance of key components has continued to double every 18 months or less. The computer tools are considered as obsolete when the latest computer technology has been discovered and launched.The PC industry is driven by rapid technological improvements in components, particularly microprocessors, semiconductors and storage devices. Getting new, quality products to market on time is critical to maintaining competitiveness in an industry where customers are willing to pay a premium for the latest technologies. Time is a critical competitive factor in the industry in two ways:Excess inventory loses value (estimated 10% per month)Products incorporating the most advanced technology are in high demand andcarry a price premium.There are two factors determining the ability of PC companies to manage inventory and introduce new products, which are:Standardized, modular nature of the PC. PCs are built from standard components, using common architectural interfaces determined largely by Intel, Microsoft and earlier, IBM.PC makers can outsource much of their production and purchase components from a well-established production network of contract manufacturers and components suppliers.Dell's business model combines direct sales and build-to-order production. The business model is slightly different with other PC makers. While other PC makers rely on sellers, retailers, and other agents to help gaining more marketing and sales, Dell have to put much more effort to reach out to the customers. To reduce the cost of distributing and the risk where the stockiest retailers faced, Dell is using the E-Commerce method to do it business where the consumers can easily acquire and pay for their PC through Internet.1. Direct SalesThe direct sales model is built on two key elements, that isDirect customer relationshipsProduct and services targeted at distinct customer segments.a. Direct customer relationshipThe direct approach method could provide Dell with detailed knowledge about its customers. It could also help Dell identify customer trends early so that it can respond with the desired products before its competitors can. It could allow Dell knows about their customers' need so the sales can be closed up much and more frequently. For example, Dell has adapted its IT systems, user interfaces and procurement processes to Boeing's. It makes easy to Boeing employees to buy Dell computer by using familiar process.b. Product and services targeted at distinct customer segmentsDell segments its customers into Relationship, Transaction, and Public/International customers....

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749 words - 3 pages continuation of the direct-sell and build-to-order philosophy. Direct selling occurs through ads in computer magazines and telephone calls directly to the company. Build-to-order means that the PC is built only when an order is placed.5. Dell computer introduced the concept of selling personal computer systems to customers on a built-to-order basis, providing direct toll-free support and next day onsite service. The corporate philosophy is to ?cut out the

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1148 words - 5 pages Dell Case 1. Dell?s Online Success inevitably resulted in a complete alteration of their business strategy, which focused on making every decision ?customer-driven,? while increasing efficiency across the company. With the formation of the Dell Direct Model, which focused on made-to-order products, a low cost distribution system, rapid lead times, and the maintenance of customer relationships, this new concept needed strong sales and marketing

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1148 words - 5 pages Dell Case 1. Dell?s Online Success inevitably resulted in a complete alteration of their business strategy, which focused on making every decision ?customer-driven,? while increasing efficiency across the company. With the formation of the Dell Direct Model, which focused on made-to-order products, a low cost distribution system, rapid lead times, and the maintenance of customer relationships, this new concept needed strong sales and marketing

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