Venturing Into A Virtual Reality Essay

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The Italian Renaissance attracts all people with its mystery. Dante played a very important

role in the golden age of Florence with his profound implications of his works. More interestingly,

people never suppress their curiosity about the question that what happened in Florence that forced

Dante to create meaning in allegory. Facing the jungle of factions, Dante, as a result of changed

conditions and contacts in the society, saw the root cause of the stalled Florence as the absence of

peace. Learning from war, religion and unstable regimes, he created a historical allegory about a

virtual reality so to treat his government with sarcasm and seek a way to tell the public how to be ...view middle of the document...

But they never did what God wants them do. They slaughtered

foes. Dante created that the blood drips across the plain by his experience as a cavalryman at that

battle. The slaughter made the rivulets crossing the terrain run with blood. Dante imagined what

happened when Buonconte died and sharply denounced those murders who pursuing forgiveness

from God. Learning from the Chronicle of Florence, "The sky was covered with clouds", it is

easy to know that Angels punished Buonconte's corpse by bringing flooding rains that sweep the

body downstream into the Arno, where it is buried in the riverbed. That's why people cannot find

Buonconte's body. They get forgiveness when they died in misery. Finally, they leave peace to the

world temporarily. Based on important historical event, Dante connected what happen in reality and

what he tried to answer a question that how to advance the society. Therefore, Dante created his

own world that is a fair world.

Another example I want to mention is a poetic allegory about Charles. In Paradiso VI, from

line 106 to 108, Dante wrote that "And let not this new Charles strive to fell it/with his Guelphs, but

let him fear its claws,...

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