Venus The Paper Is A Study Of Comparative Planetology. The Attributes Of Venus Are Compared Against The Planet Earth.

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IntroductionBy exploring our solar system we widen our perspectives and gain a better understanding of the mechanics of worlds in general. An excellent way to explore worlds is through comparative planetology where we learn more about a planet in context or comparison to another. Venus is one of many planets in our solar system. Its geologic features are the product of physical and chemical processes that operate elsewhere in the universe. In many ways Earth and Venus are very similar. Both planets were formed at the same time from the same celestial cloud and planetary materials. In other ways they are very different. We will highlight these similarities and differences using the planet Earth as our model. The planet Earth is an ideal model, as we know much more about our home planet Earth than any other.Each planet has unique characteristics due to the intensity and length of time forming processes have operated. We will look at and explain Venus' characteristics or properties. The properties will cover size, chemical compositions, rotation and atmosphere, as well as phases.Venus PropertiesThe planet Venus is one of nine planets that orbit the Sun in our solar system. It is the second planet from the Sun and closest to Earth. Due to this location, it is the brightest star in our sky. As with the Earth, there are four key formation properties of the planet Venus. The first one is size or mass, the second one is distance from the sun, the third is chemical composition, and the forth is the rotation rate. We will briefly cover examples of each.Size / MassVenus is about 12,104 km in diameter. The size of Venus is 95% the size of Earth. The mass is about 4.86 x 1024 kg (or 0.82 Earth masses) with an average density of 5243 kg/m". To escape Venus's gravitational pull, an object must reach a velocity of 10,360 m/sec.Distance from the Sun: Venus is located approximate 108,200,000 KM from the sun. The location of this planet so close to the sun is not the major contributor to the planet's high temps. True - the energy received from the Sun is greater than the Earth's due to its greater proximity however; the dense clouds reflect seventy-five percent of the Sun's energy. The dense clouds and high temperatures are a result of greenhouse gases. The planetary greenhouse effect is covered in more detail below.Venus orbits, on average, 149,600,000 km (0.723 AU) from the Sun. Venus' orbit is the most circular of all the planets' orbits, and the orbital plane is tilted slightly more than 3 degrees with respect to the plane of Earth's orbit around the Sun, or the ecliptic. As seen from Earth, Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun, that's why we never see it at midnight or high above during the day.Chemical CompositionMost of what we know about the chemical composition of Venus's atmosphere has come from mass-spectroscopy, gas chromatography, optical spectroscopy in the deep layers of the atmosphere, and gas analysis by way of specific chemical...

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