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Verbal And Non Verbal Communication In An Episode Of Doctor Who

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Communication is a vital component of our world and yet 65% of that communication is nonverbal. I will discuss the different types of verbal and nonverbal communication in this paper based off of an episode of Doctor Who. This episode is about Matt Smiths first time playing The Doctor and the different types of communication that he uses throughout the episode. Matt Smith’s performance in this episode shows me that he a mastery of both verbal and nonverbal communication when he is playing The Doctor.

Throughout this whole episode The Doctor is low context in every conversation he has. This is best shown at the beginning of the episode and at the end. In the beginning when he meets Amilia ...view middle of the document...

In all the conversations he has had they have been very direct and denotative in the sense that he means every word he says.

The Doctor is a special type of polychronic person. Since he is a time traveler, he often gets time confused and tries to do everything at once. At the beginning of the episode, where he crashes his ship in Amilia’s yard, he tries to talk to her while he fixes his ship’s engines. This does not go well for The Doctor since the engines start to blow up and he just gets in his ship but ends up leaving her there. He thinks that since he is a time traveler he will be right back, but he gets time confused and jumps 12 years into the future instead of returning right back. When he goes to try to find Amilia to finish his talk with her, he is surprised at how far he has gone. His happens again near the end of the episode when his ship is finished being fixed while he was talking with her again. He runs off to see how his ship looks and ends up going 2 years into the future. Once again The Doctor returns to find Amilia, to finish his talking, and is greeted with anger since he left her again because he was busy with something else.

He is a mixture of three different selective: attention, perception, and retention. After he jumps 12 years into the future and talks to Amilia, he tells her that he figured out where the alien is hiding. He goes on to explain that he noticed it last time, but he was focusing on his ship so he just ignored it. This shows his attention and perception because he only focuses on his ship and only see and hear things pertaining to his ship. He continues to talk about that the alien is hiding in the room that no one never notices since it can only be seen out of the corner of the eye. This to me shows his retention because he remembered only the things that he was working on at the time. This also ties into his polychromic since he works on multiple things at a time he also remembers everything that pertains to what he is working on.

The Doctor is a great example of male gender-lects. Whenever he talks to someone in this episode he always wants to show his independence and status. At the end of the episode, when he was scolding the aliens, he asked them if the Earth has broken any law and if the earth was protected. The aliens scan him to see The Doctor’s history with the earth and they are scared. The Doctor does this not to be scary, but to show his status in the universe and all that he has accomplished so they will never attack the earth again. He continues to show his status by saying, “basically run.” They do what he says since they not only tell by the way he talks but also by proving it to them. This also shows that he has a masculine and a low power distance way of doing thinks. He only uses his ‘status’ when he is...

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