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Verisimilitude Essay

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The most prominent resemblance between Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) and the infamous Apocalypse Now (1979) is the glimmer sense of realism thorough the movie. The director, Francis Ford Coppola has been known for his verisimilitude; effortlessly creating and directing each setting in the film looks schematized and deliberately natural. Innately, the one of the most apparent functions of a setting is to create an impression of reality that presents the viewer a sense of a real place and time and the sensation of being there. His consciousness of realism admits the great importance of an authentic setting play in making his films overwhelmingly imaginable. With a judiciously supervision from ...view middle of the document...

Aside from the comparability of the geographic location, Coppola also depicts significant demeanor between the locals and the characters to dramatize the extreme dissimilarities. It is best portrayed in their choice of attire – or lack thereof. For example, the climatic scene where the tribe holds a ritual and a water buffalo is slaughtered with a machete emphasizes the contrariness toward the characters and indirectly, the viewers. He cleverly incorporates locality belief mannerism through the said ritual.
In other parts of the world, Coppola’s effective interpretation of late 1800s Europe in Bram Stoker’s Dracula is quite persuasive. The land of Transylvania somehow constricts Jonathan Harker from escaping the castle and again, Coppola accentuates the feeling of isolation. The big, dark and gloomy castle of Dracula depreciates the character of Jonathan Harker. Coppola’s intentional use of conventional effects techniques comes from the film’s period setting where it parallels with the early history of cinema. Most progressions are accomplished through the use of a real rear projection to give an antiquity feeling. The scene when Dracula’s shadow tries to strangle Jonathan Harker’s body is a perfect example of the analog method. Combination of several miniature effects or creating distorted views of reality could be attained through the use forced perspectives techniques. Coppola also maintains a conventional way such as shooting the film upside down or at odd angles to create the effect of objects defying...

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