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Verizon Communications Management And Leadership Essay

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Verizon Communications Management and Leadership

When an organization decides that it needs to be the best in the world that organization hunts for the best employees the world has to offer in order to get the job done. The organization knows it will require a good set of guidelines to maintain a high standard of excellence as well as qualified employees that are willing to abide by these guidelines. The organization will need good leadership to help the employees see the vision the organization is setting forth; the leaders will need qualified managers that will encourage the dream. This is the normal process for just about any business and in most cases the business will make good of its goal. It is the success of an organization that makes the rest of the world, the consumer, view it in a manner that gives the organization a solid foundation and respect. The respect earned by a successful organization isn’t gained by the products they produce alone, but other factors that consumers can relate too. Those hidden qualities of humanity, whether it’s feeding the hungry or benefiting the need of science to find a cure for Aids, is the forefront of the organizations success in building a strong link to culture. How does culture fit into the design of an organization, what purpose does it serve? Does an organization need the fundamentals of culture to become successful? This paper will examine the organizational culture of such a company, Verizon. The paper will discuss the responsibilities of leadership in creating a healthy organizational culture, the roles managers and leaders play as well as the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling as it relates to the support of the organizations culture. The paper will discuss strategies that can be used to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.


Verizon Communications consist of 11 Board of Directors (BOD) and one of the members is the chief executive officer (CEO); Richard L. Carrion, M. Frances Keth, Robert W. Lane, Sandra O. Moose, Donald T. Nicolaisen, Thomas H. O’Brien, Clarence Otis Jr., Hugh B. Price, Ivan G. Seidenberg (CEO), John W. Snow, and John R. Stafford. It is the BOD that directs the business activities of the corporation through management. The BOD has complete access to management and independent advisors. The BOD meets with the management team at least once a year to discuss strategic plans to include organizational needs, competitive challenges, plans for future development and emergency situations within the organization. The BOD will conduct executive meetings at least three times per year to assess the processes and effectiveness of the board itself. This is sort of a check and balance technique the BOD uses to help keep abreast of market conditions as well as other corporate needs that may affect shareholders. The BOD receives reports from the Human Resource Committee of the CEO’s...

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