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Verizon Wireless's Benefits Package Essay

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Verizon Wireless may be losing at least one competitive advantage as a result of lack of knowledge about how employee benefits packages in the wireless industry compare. Studies have shown that valuable employees and top talent candidates are highly influenced by employee benefits packages considered to be good (Paterson, 2013). The leadership team’s determination and call for organizational growth, translates to both retaining current employees and enticing new candidates to join, an area in which a top employee benefits package is a major contributor. With this consideration, and factoring in the problem of a lack of updated information, it was determined that there was a critical need for a current benefits package comparison. The investigative steps necessary for this analysis for this Capstone Project were found in Section III, and this subsequent chapter, Section IV, submits those findings.
Comparative Analysis Process
The fundamental aim within this Capstone Project’s was to detail how Verizon Wireless's benefits package compares in the industry, by process of comparative analysis and implementation of a specific design strategy including the Exploratory Approach and Mixed Method strategy. Using these methods, data were collected directly from the six organization’s public websites, along with additional scholarly sources when necessary. Because of the complexities and amount of data, the Rational Choice Theory was employed to develop a technique that was calculative and ethical. The nature of the theory also provided concrete determination of options, and appropriate interpretation and subsequent recommendations.
Effectively managing the massive amounts of qualitative data required a quantitative coding system to be established and executed in the comparison tables. Also resulting from the large amounts of data, the model benefits package was categorized into five groups by aligning theme, each containing between three and eight items for coding. The coding system is as follows: 0 denotes no information; 1 denotes inadequate benefits; 2 denotes adequate benefits or listed but little information; 3 denotes above adequate benefits; also the term “assigned values totals” denotes the calculated sum based on the coded value determined for each item. It should be noted that some companies received more 0s than others, because of lack of information available from the organization resulting in lower assigned values totals. Applying a coding system enabled qualitative data to be evaluated quantitatively, permitting a more accurate and objective analysis.
Capstone Q1-Industry Benefits Comparison: As stated above, the method used for the industry employee benefits package comparison was a comparative analysis. To organize the data it was broken into themes and coded. Presented here are the five resulting tables, including a short data analysis for each. In addition to the listed tables, a scatter plot figure was added for visual...

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