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Versailles Absolute Architecture Of An Absolute King Story Of The Versailles Palace And Its Construction Through An Art Historical View How Did Louis Xiv Plan The Construction? Where Can We Find The King In The Architecture?

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The Absolute Center of an Absolute KingAn analytical summary of Louis Marin's "Classical, Baroque: Versailles, or the Architecture of the Prince"By Olaf LyczbaApril 22, 2010IntroductionLouis XIV's France was an absolute monarchy, meaning the king had the power, control, finances and the nation in his hands more then ever before. In the 17th century, France was the strongest and wealthiest nation in Europe, and the head of the state, the king, was the most influential person of the time. In the ideas of the scientific revolution and the soon-coming changes of the enlightenment the country was developing. For a few decades France was not involved in any major wars or battles and the peace helped the population grow fast.Life in Paris however was nothing like we think of it today. The overpopulated capital suffered from lack of space, diseases, and many other problems caused by urbanization. The royal court was located in the centre of paris, making the king live an isolated life because of all the issues previously mentioned. The only logical solution was to move the court with all the people to a new, fresh and open location, matching the rank of them.The palace of Versailles is a building complex in the city of Versailles, right outside of Paris. It was an often visited royal hunting place of Louis XIII. It is now one of the biggest palaces in the world, which once served as the home of the French royalty. Its building began in the 17th century when the chateau and the surrounding parks were constructed. Later Louis XIV decided to expand the building and make it the center of the king and the governing location of the French monarchy. Louis XV added new parts as well, which made the former lodge look more or less as it does today; glorious and powerful.The absolute center of an absolute kingIn Louis Marin's analysis of the royal palace the emphasis is on the meaning of the place; how this high place of baroque architecture set a classical model for its time, and how every little detail of it represented the Prince (the king), and his ideals. The construction which was perfectly defined in itself was born into international mannerism, started off as classicism and ended up being neo-classic at its peak at around 1750.The architecture of the prince represents the place of his greatest power. The reading tries to distinguish the tension between baroque and classical and how the state power is expressed and constructed. The king as the architectural is the subject of Versailles, where the kingdom receives its most perfect concentration. This is where the king is not only the absolute political power and the leader of his nation but also the center of the universe and eternity. With this standing in the background the construction becomes real, imaginary and symbolic at once.In the following text I will try to explain how "Versailles works" with the help of the three main notions of the study. First, the place and its relation to space and time -...

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