Very Good Paper. Argumentative Essay Explaining Why Home Schooling Is A Good Idea.

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Are There Advantages to Home Schooling?"Many people turn their nose up at me and make a face of disproval when I tell them I home school my children. It really doesn't bother me though. I feel there are a great number of advantages to home schooling my children."--Margaret Schiner. Many parents have often pondered on which type of educational setting would be better for their children. The most common way for children to receive their basic K-12 education is by attending a public school. However, there is one very different option, home schooling. The advantages of home schooling are starting to be realized by more and more parents each year, evident by the growing number of children being home schooled. So, are there advantages to home schooling? With today's society, this seems to be growing truer all the time. Of course, there are disadvantages to just about anything; home schooling is no different. Although, there seems to be many more advantages to teaching children from home, versus sending them to a public school.The home schooling process seems to be much more efficient than that of public schools. Lawrence Hardy of American School Board Journal asked Yvonne Bunn, a home schooling mom, to comment on her thoughts of how home schooling matched up with that of a public school, academically. Ms. Bunn replied saying, "Academically, home schooling is like a tutorial, a one-on-one relationship. That is every teacher's dream" (18). She went on to comment about how she thinks home schooling is "the quickest, most comprehensive way of covering a subject" (18). Home schooling seems to be the best way to speed up the learningDoyle 2process because of the lack of other students. Ms. Bunn told of how one of her daughters was able to complete the entire kindergarten curriculum before Christmas, and this was in just twohours of "school" a day. She described how this is possible by saying, "We accomplish the curriculum in two hours a day because we're not lining up, we're not dealing with troublemakers in the classroom" (18).Many people feel as if the sheltered environment of learning in the home will often hurt a child when he or she decides to leave home to pursue a college education. However, this might not necessarily be true. Margaret Schiner has recently sent her home schooled son off to college, and he is now doing very well in the college setting. She said she believed that "he is at an advantage because he has learned to study independently and not rely on others so much, which is similar to how you learn in college." Lawrence Hardy also discusses this issue. He indicates that they (home schooled children) "are naturals for post-secondary work because of their experience with the kind of independent study that college requires" (19).There is another advantage to home schooling; although, this is an advantage that is often debated for moral reasons. Since most parents who home school don't keep their student's grades, when asked by a college to...

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