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Very Very Very Short History Of Motion Picture

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Genesis of FilmMagic Lantern ShowsIt was common for individuals to sit in dark rooms to watch narrative performances such as puppet shows. In the early 1660s, showmen traveled across Europe showing the public magic lantern shows by projecting glass slides with images from drawings, paintings and, by the 1800s, photographs. The most notorious shows was Phantasmagoria.The first working model of a projectorMotion Picture ToysIn 1829 (four years after the Thaumatrope) French inventor, Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau published his investigation of persistence of vision and invented the Phenakistiscope (Greek; deceptive viewer) in 1833, a device that used a spinning disk of sequential ...view middle of the document...

Emile Reynaud invented the Praxinoscope in 1877Business Expansion and Early CompaniesPathé FrèresCharles Pathé and his three brothers constructed the Pathé Frères film company which began making films in 1899. The most notable accomplishment was their idea of vertical integration, embracing everything that had to do with motion picture. Not only did the Pathé Frères produce films inspired by the Lumeire brothers George Melies techniques. They also built and manufactured cameras, projectors, raw film stocks and owned a chain of cinemas.Gaumont's Company and Solax CompanyLéon Gaumont, another Frenchman, had the same perception as Pathé's and ultimately ran a film empire in 1895. The Gaumont Company all begin when Gaumont turned his photographic equipment company to a film company after seeing an early demonstration of the Cinématographe. In 1896, Gaumont approved Alice Guy, his secretary, to direct her own scripts, making her the first female filmmaker.Narrative in FilmMartin Scorsese is a prominent film director known for his classics such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, when Scorsese is not directing movies he becomes a film historian, which is evidence in his 2011 family movie. Although a work of fiction, Hugo depicts many historically accurate elements of the origin of the narrative film.One of the main characters in Hugo is Frenchman magician and filmmaker, Georges Méliès (portrayed by Ben Kingsley).

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