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Veterans Deserve A Second Chance Back Home In The Usa

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America is the land of opportunity and the land of second chances. People come to America to live a better life, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. When Veterans come back home, all they want is a second chance at life again. They want to come back and be able to start from where they left off. But the government has done very little to help these veterans. The government believes they have done enough with the programs they have created, but it hasn’t had much of a change. The purpose of this essay is to discuss my opinion and what I know about this issue, to benefit The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, who are my intended audience. If the government were to put a lot of effort, like they do for pointless issues, there wouldn’t be many struggling veterans. If the government does more to improve every aspect of the reintegration process of veterans, so many benefits would come out of this action. There are a couple of reasons for why we should work toward improving veterans lives. First, there would possibly be a decrease in the veteran suicide levels and a decrease in the substance abuse aspect. Second, less veterans and families will have to worry about living and struggling with mental illnesses. Third, by improving the economical aspect for these veterans, more will find jobs and less will end up on the street homeless. And lastly, the reintegration process won’t be as hard for these veterans, and they will be able to resume a normal life. This essay is not meant to offend in any way, its purpose is to provide a new perspective over this issue, to cause a change for the better.
Suicide has always been a problem in the world, but it becomes more of a serious problem when it has to do with our very own veterans taking their lives. But before they resort to this final step, some veterans turn to alcohol and drugs. When veterans come back from combat, they come back as if they were in a trance. Instead of acting as normal as possible any sudden movement or any random sound that disturbs them, makes them go into battle zone. They are prepared to attack because that’s how they are trained. Many veterans can’t handle this sort of pressure when they come back, so a quick way for them to forget for a bit, they resort to alcohol and drugs. Once they fall into this bad habit, it leads them to commit reckless things. Some veterans end up in jail because they have cause harm to others. Most get into fights, reckless driving, and even domestic violence. This problem will ultimately lead them to lose their job, if they have one. They will lose the support of their family and end up homeless. When it just becomes too hard for them to handle all these new problems, most turn to suicide as an escape. Everyday about 22 veterans take their lives. And this number keeps increasing. In the article “Why suicide rate among veterans may be more than 22 a day” by Moni Basu, she talks about many different people that have taken their lives and what factors lead...

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