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What Do Veterinarias Do? Essay

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Veterinarians treat animal health problems. They work to prevent, control, and cure animal diseases. They work with all types of animals and owners. Veterinarians are unquestionably important to the community and are highly respected. Some veterinarians are meat inspectors at food processing plants. All states in the US require veterinarians be licensed. Future veterinarians should focus their studies on Veterinarians science and medicine. If you want to be a veterinarian it is recommended that you get your license before applying. Being a veterinarian requires extensive knowledge, preparation, and leading a hard life.
Veterinarians need to have specific knowledge to be able to help animals live and survive. They also, need to have knowledge of medicine and dentistry. Veterinarians need to have the dental knowledge of periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery and medicine (“Using Clinical”). They are also required to have the knowledge of chemistry like, the properties of substances and the changes that occur when they interact. For example, if an emergency situation arose, they would need to have the correct knowledge to be able to give the correct medicine and know how the different medicines will interact with each other. Also, an important thing for them to know is biology, including the knowledge of plants, animals, and living organisms and how they function. For veterinarians to be successful at their job they are required to know certain things.
Additionally, they must go, through certain preparations to become a veterinarian. It is helpful for people wishing to become a veterinarian to prepare by taking certain high school courses. Courses like, Anatomy and Physiology that introduce the structure and function of the body. You learn about the cells, tissues, and membranes that make up their bodies and how their major systems function to help them develop and stay healthy (“According to Anatomy & Physiology”). They should also have taken classes like: computer applications, and food and nutrition. Even more important classes for them to have taken is Safety and First Aid to have the basic knowledge of medical safety, also an Animal Science class is crucial for them to have the knowledge of animals and how their bodies work. It is essential for prospective veterinarians to take college courses in: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Education, and other courses varying on the veterinary school. It is suggested to volunteer with a veterinarian to gain animal and clinical experience (“Using Steps”). After completing college, you must acquire a veterinarian’s license and in South Carolina it is mandatory for a veterinarian to be licensed. There are certain qualifications needed to obtain a veterinarian occupation.
Veterinarians lead a difficult, but profitable life. Usually, being a veterinarian means having a high wage. In South Carolina, 75% of people have a wage of $55.25 an hour...

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